SYVECS | WMI - Water/Methanol Injection Controller

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The Syvecs WMI standalone controller is a compact but very powerful unit for controlling a complete WMI electronics system, safely and correctly. It has been designed to integrate into any car easily via the use of CANbus communications, allowing users to receive critical engine data from OEM or aftermarket engine ecus with the use of just 2 wires (does not need a Syvecs Engine ECU). This data can then be linked into the WMI controller for use in strategies or monitoring systems to provide a modern based control system with safety in mind. Additional sensors can also be connected to the controller to provide more data to further add safety into the system, like a Level Sensor, Flow sensor and Pressure sensor. If CANbus is not supported on the installed vehicle then the WMI unit will also allow RPM and Injector Duty to be picked up from wires in the original engine loom.

Advanced users can also setup custom can transmit option with the powerful CANbus section to allow bits or bytes to be sent on the OEM CANbus to invoke ECU Lights, Torque Limits and more.

The WMI controller is fitted with four Half Bridges drivers which are capable of driving Low or High and able to handle a maximum of 15amps peak/8amp continuously each. Pin Sharing is also available for the WMI Pump and Solenoid to handle double the current capabilities of a single pin.

Each of the four H-Bridge Outputs is equipped with a current monitoring circuit which is used part of the limp protection strategies to ensure solenoids are connected correctly and not shorting. If the WMI Solenoid or Pump is driven and no current flow is detected it will immediately invoke a Limp flag which can warn the users via a LED Output, CAN message to a dash or torque limit to an engine ecu. The same goes for a short circuit in the wiring causing a over-current situation which will set a limp flag as well and shutdown the output for safety.

The four 0-5v analog inputs fitted on the controller can be used for external switches, sensors or trim pots via the Scal – Pin assignment setup which is fully flexible.

Four PWM inputs are also fitted on the controller that can be used for Flow sensors, Rpm Signals and Injector Duty pickup.

Two CANbus interfaces are fitted on the WMI Controller which are flexible for transmitting any of the WMI parameters on the canbus. Receiving data is also possible from a Syvecs Ecu, OBD2 Protocol or a selection of supported OEM DataStream’s listed below:

Currently the following Cars are supported but check the Syvecs Forum for WMI firmware updates as more cars will be added.



  • Monitoring of Pressure, Flow, Level, Lambda, Current and Temperatures
  • Limp mode for all sensors and data
  • CANbus support for Many OEM Cars and Ecu’s
  • Set OEM Engine Check light when in Limp, only on supported models
  • Analogue support for Engine Speed, Air Temp, Manifold Pressure, Injector Duty if Canbus not available
  • Current monitoring of each output with Limp protections
  • Closed loop direct pump control
  • Dual Solenoid Control
  • Live Map Switching from External Switch or OEM CANbus data
  • Simple installation
  • Output Testing logic
  • Custom Can Transmit to forward data to loggers/ecu
  • Supports high current demand with pin sharing technology
  • Fully configurable via Scal Software


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