We understand the need for uncompromised handling and performance - whether you're looking to chip away at your lap times on track or want perfect handling for those B-roads, we can guarantee that after a 4-corner laser alignment, you will never look back.

Alignment Perfection

3D Laser Wheel Alignment

Equipped with a John Bean 3D Laser Aligner and expert technicians with over a decade of knowledge, we are able to provide you with pin-point accurate before and after readings of all adjustments made to your vehicle.

During our championship season in the 2019 UK Time Attack championship, we gathered vast amounts of tyre and suspension data - we also spent the season sharing pit garages with Honda UK's own Synchro Motorsport Team and their FK8, allowing us both to share vital knowledge from each other to improve vehicle performance and lap times. 

Outside of competition, we have been able to harness this knowledge to offer bespoke alignment set-ups catered precisely to your driving style and use case.

Standard FK2 Alignment

In standard form, the FK2 Type R only has adjustability for the front toe - although this does make it simple and cost effective to get your FK2 driving nicely, you may easily find yourself wanting to upgrade suspension components to accommodate more adjustability.

Standard FK2 Full Alignment (Front Toe Only): £100

Modified FK2 Alignment

Luckily, the FK2's lack of adjustability from stock can be solved using a set of aftermarket camber adjustable ball-joints. Adding negative camber can drastically improve grip when cornering, making it desirable to fast road and track day users.

Modified FK2 Full Alignment (Front Camber & Toe): £150

Standard FK8/FL5 Alignment

A standard FK8 or FL5 allows for both front and rear toe adjustment. This level of adjustability allows us to dial in a great base alignment for fast road and occasional track use.

Standard FK8/FL5 Full Alignment (Front Toe, Rear Toe): £150

Modified FK8/FL5 Alignment

If you have invested in your FK8 or FL5 Type R's chassis components, a full alignment will ensure you are getting the very best from your vehicle, delivering pin-point accurate handling. By installing front camber adjustable ball-joints and rear camber arms, you can unlock front and rear camber adjustment. This is very desirable for fast road/track use!

Modified FK8 Full Alignment (Front Camber & Toe, Rear Camber & Toe): £250


Corner Weighting

When looking to optimise your suspension we are able to offer full corner weight setting along with ride heights.

With our Intercomp 4 corner weight scales we are able to project the balance of the vehicle allowing us to see where to improve the overall centre of gravity point. This can greatly change, and improve your vehicle’s handling characteristics, especially in racing conditions, making you faster you will see your lap times lower through optimising the central balance of your car. 

Fully understanding and utilising the benefits of corner weighting can dramatically improve your vehicles characteristics and handling, something that should be highly considered if your looking to extract the most from your vehicle.

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