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Seiken Racing Brake Fluid BFR100 | 1L

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The long-awaited glycol-based brake fluid. 

Seiken genuine brake fluid is a high-quality, high-performance non-mineral oil brake fluid that complies with the JIS standard (except BFR), as well as meeting standards such as FMVSS and ISO. With boiling point performance exceeding JIS standard values, we prevent the phenomenon of vapor lock and protect car safety.

Two major differences between glycol-based and silicone-based

Glycol dissolves water. Silicone does not dissolve water.
Brake fluid should not dissolve water, but this is the first fatal drawback. Water droplets are generated in the air chamber of the reservoir tank of the master cylinder due to the temperature difference. Water droplets get mixed in the brake fluid. In the case of silicone-based brake fluid, water (specific density 1) has higher specific gravity than silicone (specific density 0.958), does not dissolve, and sinks to the lower part as water. Water infiltrates into the brake pipe, brake hose, caliper, and wheel cylinder, and the water reaches the high heat generation part. In other words, even silicon-based brake fluid, which has a high boiling point, causes vapor lock at a temperature of only 100 ° C (boiling point of water). Glycol brake fluid is hygroscopic. Since water dissolves in brake fluid, it retains a high boiling point compared to silicone-based products, and the rusting rate is incomparably lower than that of silicone-based products even in the presence of water.

Matching with rubber (compatibility)
The rubber material for brake parts is SBR (styrene-butadiene-based rubber). Silicone-based brake fluid has very poor compatibility with rubber and has the property of hardening and shrinking rubber, and this phenomenon progresses remarkably at higher temperatures, and finally, a cracking phenomenon (cracking) occurs. However, it leads to the destruction of rubber parts. In other words, as soon as the curing phenomenon begins, liquid leaks and immediately becomes a no-brake phenomenon. This is another fatal drawback. Glycol-based brake fluid is extremely compatible with SBR and has excellent properties that give proper swelling to the rubber cup and maintain good compatibility with the cylinder. Piston seals and rubber cups are very delicate "creatures". In order to obtain the ideal matching degree and achieve perfect sealing performance in a better environment, it is best to use SEIKEN brake fluid and SEIKEN brake parts that know the brakes together. More than half of all vehicles running in Japan are equipped with SEIKEN brake parts.

Dry boiling point 315 ℃
Capacity 1L

* Do not mix with mineral oil or silicone brake fluid.
It is flammable, so keep it away from fire.


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