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PWR | 68mm Dual Intercooler Kit | Honda NSX NC1 | 2017+

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Introducing the NSX Intercooler Kit by PWR: the ultimate cooling solution for unlocking the full tuning and performance potential of your NSX. With over 20 years of unrivaled experience in prestigious motorsports like NASCAR and F1, PWR stands at the forefront of creating cutting-edge high-performance cooling systems. Unlike other manufacturers, we take pride in handling every aspect of design and manufacturing in-house, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. From conception to completion, we deliver something truly extraordinary for car enthusiasts worldwide.

Our NSX intercoolers are handcrafted and professionally tig welded in the USA, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship and durability that is unmatched anywhere else in the aftermarket. Unlike the stock unit that has plastic end tanks that can crack under increased boost pressures, this unit features in-house CNC machined billet aluminium end tanks. With the extra strength of the billet, the intercooler can handle increased boost pressures from bolt on mods and higher performance tunes from upgraded turbos.

The core design features Formula 1 grade turbulated tubes and hemmed/louvered R-fins giving this core increased strength and more surface area contact over the stock intercooler. The turbulated tubes create turbulent airflow inside the core enabling for a greater heat transfer rate than a standard laminar flow tube. With louvered fins, it creates turbulent air flow as air passes through the core also allowing for greater heat dissipation. By eliminating the dreaded heat soak factor of the stock intercooler, our intercooler unlocks a whole new potential for tuning your Acura NSX.

Not only does the intercooler look great with its pristine welds and billet end tanks, but its also easy to install! This unit comes with all the necessary hardware, mounting brackets, and fits onto the factory mounting and utilizes factory hoses as well.

By reducing the amount of heat-soaked air going into your NSX, you will see higher and more consistent horsepower, allowing for easier tuning and better overall health for your engine. It’s no wonder why our intercoolers are an easy choice for supercar/motorsports enthusiasts looking to unleash the full potential of their car. Upgrade with confidence to the NSX intercooler kit by PWR and experience the unfair advantage in cooling technology!


  • Radiator Style: Downflow
  • Number of Passes: Single
  • Inlet Location: Upper Centre
  • Inlet Size: OEM
  • Outlet Location: Lower Centre
  • Outlet Size: OEM
  • Tube Size: 68mm


  • Honda NSX NC1 | 2017+
  • Acura NSX | 2016-2022


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