Paragon | Large 2-Piece Rear Disc Rotors Kit | Honda Civic Type R | FK8/FL5 K20C1 2.0T | 2017+

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Select Aluminium Hat Finish: Black Anodised

Paragon Performance 2-piece Rotor offers superior braking and cooling efficiency optimised for track and race applications. They feature greater thermal capacity and increased resistance to cracking under harsh track conditions.

Made of CM-250 special formulated high carbon alloy cast iron, it allows for optimal bite, thermal characteristics, high-temperature strength, and durability. Rotor rings are heat treated to release stress in the rotor to avoid deformation and vibration then turned by state-of-the-art CBN surface machining to ensure better break-in with new brake pads.

Vibration is reduced as the rotor lateral run-out is kept within 0.03mm and well-balanced: variations are kept within 2 grams. All rotors go through rigorous quality control procedures and inspections to ensure the rotors are fit for their purposes. A slotted rotor improves braking consistency by maintaining a clean contact surface and dissipating heat generated and gases released when the pads come into contact with the rotors. Slotted rotors have a superior advantage over blank rotors in wet or rainy conditions by preventing water films to form between the brake pad and rotor surface. Weighing less than most O.E. rotors while maintaining proper thermal capacity, our 2-piece rotors improves overall handling by saving unsprung mass.

Aluminium hats are CNC machined from lightweight 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminium for high strength and durability under extreme conditions, then anodized to increase resistance to wear and corrosion. Mil-spec hard anodizing will not discolour under extreme heat, while black anodizing is more prone to discolouring under heat (> 392F / 200C). Hard anodized surface is harder, thicker, and more wear and scratch resistant. Hard anodized surface will last longer than black anodized surface, and is highly recommended for track/race applications.

Instead of using adaptors, heavy-duty caliper carriers (caliper brackets) are utilized to accommodate the increased disc diameter. The supplied extended caliper carriers share the same design as the OEM ones, and will offer improved structural integrity over adaptors. This ensures the setup to be strong enough for heavy use.


This larger rear rotor kit was designed to fit under certain 18 inch wheels. However, not all 18" wheels are compatible due to variations in wheel design. If your wheels are not listed below, please verify fitment using the fitment template.

Wheel Fitment Template Download (please select the appropriate PDF with correct paper size): Letter size / A4

How to use the wheel fitment template (PDF)

Test fit approved wheels:

  • OEM FK8 20x8.5 +60
  • Volk Racing TE37 Saga 18x10 +40
  • Volk Racing TE37 18x10 +41
  • Titan 7 T-S5 18x9.5 +45
  • Rays Gram Lights 57DR 18x9.5 +38
  • Konig Ampliform 18x9.5 +35
  • Superspeed RF05RR 18x9.5 +38
  • Enkei TS-5 18x9.5 +45
  • Enkei GTC02 19x9.5 +45

Test fit non-approved wheels:

  • Spoon SW388 18x9.5 +40
  • Desmond Regamaster 18x9.5 +40


  • Direct bolt-on without any modifications and designed to work flawlessly with OEM ABS and brake system. Compatible with OEM or aftermarket brake pads with the same pad depth (D)
  • Increases rear rotor diameter by 45mm / 1.77" (14.8%)
  • Further increases brake torque over O.E.-sized 2-piece rotors due to improved leverage
  • 2-piece design
  • Minimize chances of brake fade & judder during extended sessions
  • Steel caliper carriers to accommodate larger rotor size (350mm vs. stock size 305mm), paint matched with OEM calipers for improved aesthetics
  • Weighs 10.3 lbs (4.65 kg) - save 1.5 lbs of unsprung weight per rotor vs. OEM
  • Rotor to hat mounting system: Fixed hat, non-floating (8 bolt)


    • Honda Civic Type R | FK8 K20C1 2.0T | 2017+
    • Honda Civic Type R | FL5 K20C1 2.0T | 2023+


    Dream Automotive offers in-house fitting on all products at our workshop in Luton, Bedfordshire.


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    Select Aluminium Hat Finish: Black Anodised

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