M&M Honda Super Titanium Exhaust System | Honda Civic Type R | FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2017+

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Super Titanium Exhaust Muffler is a handmade product using carefully selected domestic titanium material. In addition, the volume, sound quality, sense of pitch, and exhaust efficiency are high performance by adopting a through type straight structure without a partition plate for both the main and sub silencers.


Made with the finest titanium material of Kobe Steel (KOBELCO) which is carefully hand selected. The glass wool material inside of the silencer uses the highest quality material that can handle 1,200 ° C made by Advantex with sound quality, sound feeling, durability in mind. When idling, it maintains the same quietness as the OEM system, and you can feel a comfortable volume according to the engine speed.. The sound unique unlike any other, and it is the highest quality handmade exhaust muffler suitable for Type R that maintains the same volume as the genuine one while demonstrating a thick and clear exhaust efficiency in the high rpm range.

Type 01A - Non-Silenced, Mirror finish

Type 01B - Non-Silenced, Hardened finish

Type 02A - Silenced, Mirror finish

Type 02B - Silenced, Hardened finish


  • Type 01 model specifications:
    - Pipe diameter 70φ
    - Tail diameter 115φ
    - Main silencer / Type A: Mirror finish
    - Main silencer / shell shape 150φx2
    - Secondary-Silencer / None

  • Type 02A model specifications:
    - Pipe diameter 70φ
    - Tail diameter 115φ
    - Main silencer / Type A: Mirror finish
    - Main silencer / shell shape 150φx2
    - Secondary-Silencer / Shell X1

  • Weight comparison
    Genuine Silencer: 17.35Kg
    Titanium Silencer (02 Model): 8.66Kg
    Total saving: 8.69Kg


    •  Honda Civic Type R | FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2017+


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