J's Racing | XR Type-F Katakana Steering Wheel

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Introducing the X'treme Racers Steering Wheel with a bold, embroidered J's Racing logo in Japanese Katakana!

This performance-focused steering wheel features an asymmetric design with a conveniently placed center mark at the top. Developed in collaboration with Italy's esteemed ATC, a company known for its contributions to motorsports, this wheel prioritizes precision and control.

The compact 325mm diameter allows for quick maneuvers, making it ideal for motorsport enthusiasts. The thick and comfortable grip minimizes fatigue during long drives, while the high rigidity provides exceptional feedback for precise steering control.

The TYPE-F flat design offers a natural driving position that closely resembles your stock steering wheel (fitment may vary depending on vehicle model and installation kit). Ergonomic handholds with bulges ensure a comfortable and secure grip, minimizing driver fatigue and maximizing control. Flat spokes allow for palm support, further enhancing focus on vehicle dynamics.

This steering wheel is perfect for vehicles requiring precise steering control.


  • 325mm diameter for quick manoeuvres
  • Thick, comfortable grip for reduced fatigue
  • High rigidity for exceptional feedback and precise steering control.
  • Driving position that resembles the stock position.
  • Ergonomic handhold for minimised driver fatigue and maximizing control.
  • Flat spokes for palm support.
  • Limited to 200 pieces! Each wheel is uniquely numbered.


Dream Automotive offers in-house fitting on all products at our workshop in Luton, Bedfordshire.


1-4 WEEKS 

Select Wheel Finish: Alcantara

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