HKS Intercooler | Honda Civic Type R | FK8 | 2.0T K20C1 | 2017+

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Cooling Efficiency Improvement = Torque Increase

The cooling efficiency of an intercooler is affected by many factors including the frontal surface area of the core, cooling fin design, and airflow through and over the core. HKS has increased the size of the core over the stock to increase the airflow over the core.

New type cooling fin now offers improved heat radiation. Core end tanks have been designed to flow the compressed air evenly across the whole intercooler core. All these factors will maximize the reduction of intake air temperature which increases air density. Increasing the range of fueling and ignition settings makes it possible to deliver more power and torque.

The K20C engine achieves 320ps with 2.0L displacement, and the boost pressure exceeds 150kPa. Since the stock intercooler’s capacity is insufficient, the engine intake air temperature rises to nearly 90°C. 

Pressure Loss Reduction = Response Improvement

In pursuing intercooler performance, reducing pressure loss becomes just as important as cooling efficiency. If the pressure drop is significantly high, throttle response and the torque is reduced.

However, pressure drop and cooling efficiency are conflicting properties. By reducing pressure drop, cooling efficiency also suffers. A large cause of pressure drop is the cross-sectional area of the tubes in which the air flows and the inner fin layout and shape. HKS has emphasized cooling efficiency yet achieved a low-resistance design with thin fins.

Tube design has been also considered in many possibilities and increasing the cross-sectional area. With these measures in place, high levels of cooling efficiency have been achieved without sacrificing pressure drop.


  • The newly designed 100mm wide core is approximately 200% of the stock in the core capacity. This large core shows an overwhelming cooling performance difference.
  • Minor modification of the fan shroud and rubber part that comes in contact with the core is required
  1. HKS: 695mm x 178mm x 100mm
  2. Stock: 680mm x 143mm x 64mm

The stock intercooler piping layout has a sharp bend so the intake air does not flow smoothly and causes the boost pressure loss.

HKS intercooler integrates the inlet side tank of the intercooler and pipe to realize a smooth airflow and reduce air intake loss

HKS intercooler uses a larger size intercooler to maintain cooling performance.


      • 2017+ Honda Civic Type R | FK8


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