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HKS | Hipermax-R Coilover Kit | Honda Civic Type R | FL5 2.0T K20C1 | 2023+

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The HKS Hipermax-R Series has evolved all of its handling, traction, and ease of fit to a new series by concentrating on the technological capabilities cultivated over the past 9 years since the launch of MAX IV SP. The HIPERMAX R Series has achieved overwhelming performance that is unrivaled by any other brand.

Super Response Fluid (Exclusively Developed Oil)
Special high-viscosity oil that is resistant to heat sagging has been developed. Damping starts up from a very low-speed range, resulting in reliable handling, great damping, and high stability.

Low Vibration Spring (Exclusively Developed High-Strength Spring)
Newly developed special spring for high-strength wire that is ideal for sports driving. Provides excellent response and smooth ride.

Spring Retainer
Retainer on top of the spring is standard equipment. This eliminates side forces and lowers friction. Stability is improved by following changes in load.

HKS Hipermax S Coilovers go beyond just ride comfort and handling performance, they introduce a new standard that targets comfort whilst driving but also the peace of mind generated when driving a high-performance vehicle - this uncompromising balance delivers on all demands of street driving.

Single Tube Damper Design
The new HIPERMAX S series continues to employ the single-tube structure.
The advantage of this structure is to be able to provide the gas and oil chamber separately, and then it allows to use of a large diameter piston. As a result, a quality and stable damping force is gained.

Inverted Shock Absorber (Strut)
Large lateral forces are spread over a larger area increasing rigidity under high loads or with larger wheels. A damper is attached to the body side reducing un-sprung weight for improved handling

Dual PVS
The Pre-load Valve System, introduced in previous HKS coilover kits created a remarkable difference in handling performance. This has been further refined to introduce “Dual PVS”. High speed damping is reduced while keeping unnecessary movement to a minimum.

WR Needle (Wide range damping force adjustment mechanism)
The improved shape of the needle expands the oil relief channel. Each step of the 30-step adjustment is now more prominent. Having softer adjustment options gives more options for street driving.

Advanced Bump Rubber (Evolution of Bump-Stop rubber)
For HIPERMAX S, a further improved “ADVANCED BUMP RUBBER” was developed which pursues further softness and also shorter variations delivering a wide range of options for a variety of cars delivering a natural and smooth experience.

PNE Coating
HKS previously introduced SNOW EDITION versions to combat corrosion head-on. The result of this development was PNE coating delivering 5x better durability compared to standard galvanizing

Strengthened Rubber Upper Mount
Strengthened rubber upper mount is able to absorb small body vibrations whilst tightening up the mount over stock. Revised cross-sectional design and material composition to balance comfort and performance.

"KODAWARI" of Exterior
The aluminium top mount is chamfered by machining to enhance the beauty of the product. Delivering detail and quality that was not previously available through previous printing methods.


    • Honda Civic Type R | FL5 2.0T K20C1 | 2023+


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