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Select Module: Civic Type R FK8 LE

Upgrading the Active Damper System (ADS) provides benefits far beyond stiffness and when done correctly can unlock exceptional total body control for precision handling on fast roads and track.

To understand why this upgrade works so well, you may first want to know how it works; Advanced software analyses live data from an array of sensors (accelerometers and dampers) as well as other subsystems (traction control system, vehicle stability assist, agile handling assist, etc) to provide exceptional handling.

Each iteration of the Type R since the FK8 has had a slightly differently programmed ADS Control Unit due to variations in sprung weight, un-sprung weight, spring rates and dampers. This means there is a different ADS Control Unit for the FK8 (2017-2019), FK8 Face-Lift (2020-2021), FK8 Limited Edition (2020-2021), FL5 Type R (2023+) as well as Acura's DE5 Integra Type S (2023+).

By swapping your vehicles factory ADS Control Unit to that from another vehicle on the current platform, an upgrade to handling can be achieved. Please read the information below to see which ADS Control Unit we recommend you change to.

2017-2019 FK8: You WILL achieve better suspension handling and body control by swapping to the 2020 FK8 LE ADS module. This is especially important if you have changed your OE springs to aftermarket stiffer springs.

2020-2022 FK8: You may or may not want to touch the ADS module since it has the same 10x updated ADS sampling rate as the LE ADS module, the only difference being that the LE ADS module accounts for lighter BBS forged 20" wheels, a 23kg car weight reduction and slightly softer LE front and rear springs. There is no benefit for you to change to the LE ADS.

2017-2022 FK8: You do NOT want the 2023+ FL5 ADS Control Unit. Testing provided very poor suspension performance and significant degradation of body control. There is zero benefit to swap in the 23+ FL5 ADS module.

2023+ FL5: If you experience bounce in R+ mode, you may want to consider swapping to the 23+ DE5 ADS module to reduce this. Honda altered the FL5's front spring rate to fix this issue; if you do not experience this, we would not recommend the switch.

2023+ DE5: You may want to consider swapping to the 23+ FL5 ADS module should you want better body control and reduced understeer (relative to the FL5). Acura altered the DE5's front spring rate to mitigate this issue which is another key reason why you may want to consider the 23+ FL5 ADS module swap.


  • Honda Civic Type R | FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2017-2022
  • Honda Civic Type R | FL5 2.0T K20C1 | 2023+


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Select Module: Civic Type R FK8 LE

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