Eventuri | Intake System | Honda Civic Type R | FL5 2.0T K20C1 | 2023+

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Performance Increase: 14hp, 15ft-lb

The Honda FL5 intake is the culmination of iterating Eventuri's FK8 system to provide an optimised solution, taking advantage of the increased space in the FL5 engine bay. By maintaining a sealed airbox we have minimised heat soak to ensure a constant supply of cold air to the turbo. Since the intake sits directly behind the radiator it is crucial that the filter is not exposed which would result in heated air being drawn into the turbo.

Eventuri has also replaced the OEM flexible intake hose, which creates turbulence and therefore increases drag. With the FL5 Intake, we’ve engineered a seamless path from the filter to the inlet tube, eliminating drag and smoothing the airflow. Engine movement is now catered for by the inlet tube itself, which can move within the airbox whilst maintaining a seal against heat.

The carbon airbox has been designed to maximise the use of the available volume and minimised heat ingress. The resulting performance gains and aesthetics are industry-leading for the FL5 Type R.


With an enlarged airbox and a direct airflow path to the turbo inlet tube, our intake allows the turbo to reach peak boost levels quicker through a lower wastegate duty cycle. Our intake has been independently tested by Honda tuning specialists. The results below show the comparison between the stock airbox and the Eventuri intake system on a standard car with a standard map and exhaust. Dyno runs were done back to back on the same day and with the hood closed.

Carbon Airbox Enclosure

The FL5 airbox has been designed to make the most effective use of the volume in the engine bay. It shields the filter from the multiple sources of heat, the most direct being the radiator and fan which pushes a stream of hot air directly into the intake area. The other significant heat sources are the turbo and downpipe which sit next to the intake area and once the engine is up to operating temperatures, the engine bay becomes quickly heat soaked. All these heat sources require a complete airbox system as shielding to maintain low intake air temperatures.

Carbon Venturi Tube

To connect our cone filter to the stock turbo pipe, we designed a tube with an integrated MAF sensor mount and a Venturi stack matched to the inner diameter of the filter neck. This curvature allows the airflow to remain laminar as it goes through the filter and enters the tubing. This replaces the stock flexible rubber tube which has several deep ridges and creates turbulence in the flow path. To maintain a degree of flexibility - the tube is independent of the airbox enclosure and can move within the airbox, which relieves any stresses from the engine movements. The Eventuri tube design results in an aerodynamically efficient flow path from the filter to the turbo allowing the turbo to generate boost more effectively and reduce lag.

Custom Silicon Hose

The final component is our silicon hose which replaces the OEM hose and breather assembly all the way to the alloy turbo tube. The hose removes all the interfaces between the carbon intake and the metal turbo tube. Furthermore, we have incorporated an internal step that mates to the OEM metal tube. This eliminates the exposed edge of the metal tube which is exposed with other aftermarket silicon hoses. This silicon hose is the final part of the intake and allows for smooth airflow from the intake to the turbo tube.

NOTE: Some images show Eventuri's optional Turbo Tube and Engine Cover, both available separately.


    • Prepreg Carbon Fibre Airbox Enclosure
    • Custom High Flow Air Filter ISO Tested
    • Carbon Venturi stack with integrated MAF tube
    • Full Silicon Joiner with Breather Inlets
    • Laser Cut Bracket Work


    • Honda Civic Type R | FL5 2.0T K20C1 | 2023+


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