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It's no secret that the K20C1 era Honda Civic Type R's have their fair share of overheating issues, it's something that aftermarket part companies have been trying to conquer since the FK2 Type R released in 2015.

One part of the cooling system that is frequently overlooked is the coolant header tank cap, which plays quite a vital role! As your vehicles coolant heats up and expands, pressure builds up within the cooling system - when the pressure gets to a certain point, a plunger on the cap is pushed open to release excess pressure. When the pressure is back to the optimal level, the plunger closes again.

The OEM Honda coolant cap opens up when the pressure reaches 1.1 bar, however, the Dream Automotive High-Pressure Coolant Cap opens at 1.3 bar - allowing the pressure to build a little bit higher and also increasing the boiling point of your coolant, adding more protection against cavitation. Cavities (air pockets) in the cooling system prevent coolant from actually cooling the engine which may lead to increased wear and damage to vital engine components.

Made in Japan 


    • ALL vehicles with coolant header tank.


    Dream Automotive offers in-house fitting on all products at our workshop in Luton, Bedfordshire.


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