Cusco D1 Roll Cage | Honda Civic Type R | FK2 2.0T K20C1 | 2015-2016


CUSCO Roll Cage. For sport use, the D1 chromoly roll cages are recommended which are 33% lighter than conventional steel cages. Many different layouts are available, from dashboard escape type, through the dashboard type, rear window & roof regulation capacity (retains rear interior & enables passengers) to suit the needs of your vehicle use. Suitable for all 2015+ Honda Civic Type R. 

*Rollcages are not intended to protect against vehicular impact collisions
**Please use accompanying safety equipment (FIA & SFI approved) such as racing seats, helmet, and harnesses.

- 40mm OD Chromoly material
- Cusco blue collar
- 4-Point, 5-Point, 6-Point, 7-Point and 8-Point available.
- Japanese MOT recognized/certified roll bar.
- Price is set by roll bar type, not car type. 
- Some chromoly roll bars are not recommended for competition.
- 6 point and up rollcages may require interior alteration. (Switches may have to be relocated and glove boxes modified)
- Left hand drive and Right hand drive configurations available.

Lead time: 2/4 weeks 

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