Armytrix FK2 Exhaust System | LHD Only


Armytrix's RFK2 Exhaust Systems, complete with Quad Chrome Silver Tips, has been engineered and manufactured by the Armytrix development team for ideal power coupled with improved sound.

This automotive accessory compliments the turbocharged VTEC engine – creating a supercharged sound for those who like to accelerate into the sunset in true turbocharged fashion.

The latest technology, often used in F1 and high speed motoring was used to create this unique aluminium accessory, thus ensuring corrosion and rust will not be an issue.

This is the ideal purchase for automotive lovers who desire a product that boasts an impressive + 6.2 brake horse power along with an equally thrilling + 26.7 torque, essentially taking the Honda Civic Type R to the next level.

We are talking about the ultimate FK2 upgrade complete with innovative sports cat and de-cat sections complete with a full turbo back exhaust upgrade.

Devoid of any invasive automotive rhythms – once you decide to affix the Honda Civic Type R FK2 Exhaust System, complete with Quad Chrome Silver Tips – you will not be driving from A to B – you are in effect, showcasing resplendence in the form of automotive couture.

Therefore, should you want to drive a vehicle that is synonymous with modern car culture – it is about time you embraced the Armytrix way of life.

Let there be no doubt, the Honda Civic Type R FK2 Exhaust System, complete with Quad Chrome Silver Tips is the ideal automotive accessory for you.

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