Dream FK8 Time Attack Car

The Second Coming.

Our polished metal FK8 Type R joined the fleet in 2017 and was our second factory fresh development vehicle - thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the K20C1 power unit, we were able to jump straight into the deep end of product development for the FK8. At the start of 2018 we moved into our current premises which gave us the space and facilities to setup our FK8 Type R for competition in the UK Time Attack series...


Why Time Attack?!

Our entry into UK Time Attack was fuelled by our passion for Type R - we wanted to demonstrate that the FK8 was the perfect multi-tool to be able to drive comfortably on the road and do some jaw-droppingly quick times out on track. We proved that it doesn't take much to transform the FK8 into a monster capable of taking home championships!


Gathering Data!

Throughout the 2019 UK Time Attack season we were able to gather priceless data about the FK8 Type R as well as giving our race specification products through some of the most demanding conditions. We're proud to say that our products performed flawlessly which meant we were able to put them into full production so we could stock up and ship them to FK8's globally.

Vehicle Spec List

A list of everything we used to take home the 2019 Time Attack Championship!


  • 4Piston Racing CNC Ported
  • Cylinder Head
  • Owen Developments Stage Turbo
  • CSS Cylinder Support System
  • Ferrea Valve Spring Kit
  • Ferrea Valve Kit
  • Saenz Con Rods
  • Traum Pistons


  • Custom Multi-Point Rollcage
  • Dream Seat Rail Kit


  • Dream Radiator
  • Dream Thermostat
  • Dream Intercooler
  • Dream Hardlagged Turbo Heatshield
  • Dream Hardlagged Water Pipe
  • Dream Hardlagged Oil Drain Cover

Intake & Exhaust

  • Eventuri Carbon Intake System
  • Eventuri Carbon Turbo Tube
  • Dream Hardlagged Decat Downpipe
  • BoostLogic Exhaust System


  • Xtreme Twin Plate Organic Clutch Kit
  • Dream Braided Clutch Line
  • Dream Clutch Line Heatshield

Wheels & Tyres

  • Team Dynamics 1.2 18x10
  • Titan T-R10 18x10
  • Pirelli Trofeo R 265/35/18


  • Dream Braided Brake Lines
  • AP Racing 380mm 6-Pot Brake Kit


  • Ohlins Coilover Kit
  • Eibach Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bar
  • Eibach Rear Camber Arms