Our update here is to express our gratitude to our customers for continuing to purchase parts through Dream Automotive, and also to update you with the following decisions and policies now in effect. 
Every company in some was has been faced with 
the complexity of running a company “normally” through these times. Most if not all businesses around the world are reduced to minimal staff, which in turn changes the way we work day in, day out.

 As car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand 100% how excited we get when awaiting delivery of new parts for our “pride and joy”. We understand how frustrating it is to wait longer than told or expected for a part, or an answer to an enquiry. We (Dream Automotive) work on dates and promises by our suppliers and/or delivery companies although many of those companies also have similar shortages and delays, and so on and so forth. This affects both ourselves and you our customer.

The chain of selling a single product for any business is long and involves a process that because of COVID-19 could have many pauses along the way that we cannot control. We are trying our very best, with the resources and climate we have right now to deliver to you. This needs a thought and understanding from us all. 

Over the past months we have been working long hours, 7 days a week, fulfilling orders, responding to emails, keeping our premises clean and still striving to developing and deliver new products to you.


*Strictly by appointment only

*Please email sales@dream-automotive.com for all bookings


*All web orders will be processed as usual, however with possible delays expected

*When you have placed an order with us, you will receive a confirmation email. Please check your junk folder if nothing turns up. All delivery dates stated on our webshop should be taken as an approximation for now.


*When you contact us via sales@dream-automotive.com, it may take up to 48hours for us to respond to you.


We appreciate your patience, support and of course business, during this time. We have so many of our own exciting and amazing products to come and are excited to show you. Most of all, we look forward to welcoming you back and reopening at full capacity as soon as possible.