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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 9th June 2024

    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 9th June 2024

    Welcome back to Dream Weekly Refresh! It's been a busy week this week, filled with plenty of controlled chaos - we've seen many different exciting cars and added a huge load of new products to our website.

    Let's not waste any time and take a look!


    J's Racing Hyper Lowering Springs - FL5

    These FL5-specific springs are designed to deliver both a lowered stance and enhanced performance while maintaining a comfortable ride. J's Racing has carefully engineered these springs to complement the Type R's existing strengths, which include impressive comfort and sharp cornering capabilities.

    J's Racing Hyper Lowering Springs unlock the full potential of your FL5 Type R, offering both style and performance without sacrificing comfort. Make your upgrade today!


    GReddy Supreme-SP Exhaust System - FK8

    The GReddy Supreme SP Exhaust Systems, the latest iteration of the renowned GReddy SP, continues its legacy with a high-quality, hand Tig-weld 304 stainless-steel outer construction and a new double-wall GReddy Tip. With its straight-through and directed-straight-through chambered muffler designs, the Supreme SP not only enhances exhaust flow and performance, but also delivers a refined exhaust note. Retaining the classic GReddy street performance styling and perfect fitment, this exhaust system is expertly designed to complement the body-lines and style of each specific vehicle application. Pick one up for you FK8 below!


    Dual 68mm Intercooler Kit - NSX Gen2

    Introducing the NSX Intercooler Kit by PWR: the ultimate cooling solution for unlocking the full tuning and performance potential of your NSX. With over 20 years of unrivaled experience in prestigious motorsports like NASCAR and F1, PWR stands at the forefront of creating cutting-edge high-performance cooling systems.

    The core design features Formula 1 grade turbulated tubes and hemmed/louvered R-fins giving this core increased strength and more surface area contact over the stock intercooler. The turbulated tubes create turbulent airflow inside the core enabling for a greater heat transfer rate than a standard laminar flow tube. With louvered fins, it creates turbulent air flow as air passes through the core also allowing for greater heat dissipation. By eliminating the dreaded heat soak factor of the stock intercooler, our intercooler unlocks a whole new potential for tuning your NSX. Find out more on our website, click below!


    Desmond Regamaster Fitting!

    You may recognise this Martini themed FK8 Type R from some recent social media posts - the owner was back in at the end of this week for a set of gloss black Desmond Regamaster wheels and we think they look incredible paired with the aggressive J's Racing front end and APR Swan-Neck spoiler.

    This set were specced to 18x9.5 ET45 and were wrapped in a 265/35/18 Yokohama AD09 tyre.



    Milltek Non-Resonated Exhaust Fitting!

    This FK8 Type R was treated to a Milltek Sport Race (Non-Resonated) Cat-Back exhaust system this week, giving it a sound track worthy of the 'Type R' badge. Finished with Cerakote Black exhaust tips, this system doesn't just sound amazing - it looks it too, adding a great visual upgrade to the rear too. If you wish your FK8 Type R made a little bit more noise, shop Milltek Sport on our website!



    Thank you for taking the time to read another edition of Dream Weekly Refresh. We hope you, your friends and your family have/are having a brilliant weekend! Our workshop is closed next week (June 10th - June 14th), so we'll be bringing you something slightly different than our usual workshop recap...


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