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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 7th July '24

    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 7th July '24


    Welcome back to another week of Dream Weekly Refresh - we've had a crazy fast paced week including a visit from HondaPro Jason and welcoming multiple FL5's into the workshop for upgrades and maintenance!


    FL5 Suspension, Sound and Intake Upgrades! (Powerflex, PRL & Milltek)

    We've seen an increase in FL5 Type R's booking in for work recently, and among them are a few owners taking things to a higher level. This car was treated to a range of Powerflex bushes (anti-lift kit, front wishbone bushes and torque mount insert) as well as a fresh PRL Motorsports panel filter and a Milltek Sport exhaust system! We also carried out a fluid change using genuine Honda 0w20 engine oil and AMSoil gearbox oil.



    JDM Goodness! GReddy Exhaust + Rays GramLight Wheels!

    Who doesn't love fresh parts from some Japan's most iconic aftermarket brands?! This FK8 had it's volume cranked up thanks to a GReddy Supreme-SP exhaust system which also looks amazing poking out of the rear diffuser. We also fitted up a set of 18x9.5" ET38 Rays GramLight 57DR's finished in semi-gloss black wrapped in 265/35/18 Continental Sport Contact 7 tyres, a tyre we've been hearing great things about recently!



    (Another) FL5 Milltek Exhaust Fitting!

    The Milltek exhaust system for the FL5 Type R is proving to be incredibly popular! This is thanks to it's valved design, high build quality, great sound and improved performance. The system is also available with a variety of tip options, meaning owners can spec their system to their style.

    This crystal black pearl FL5 opted for a set of cerakote black tips, keeping with the stealthy look. When installed, these blend into the rear nicely but the tip diameter adds an increased level of aggression. Great choice by this owner!



    Genuine Honda ADS Control Units

    Upgrading the Active Damper System (ADS) on your car can provide benefits far beyond stiffness, if done correctly it can unlock exceptional total body control for precision handling on fast roads and track.

    Each iteration of the Type R since the FK8 has had a slightly differently programmed ADS Control Unit due to variations in sprung weight, un-sprung weight, spring rates and dampers. This means there is a different ADS Control Unit for the FK8 (2017-2019), FK8 Face-Lift (2020-2021), FK8 Limited Edition (2020-2021), FL5 Type R (2023+) as well as Acura's DE5 Integra Type S (2023+).

    By swapping your vehicles factory ADS Control Unit to that from another vehicle on the current platform, an upgrade to handling can be achieved.

    Visit our website to see which ADS unit is best suited for your Type R...



    NEW Acuity Products - FL5 Type R

    Sharpen those shifts with Acuity's brand new range of products, designed to improve upon the FL5's already incredible gear shift. 

    Shifter Rocker Upgrade: Reduces gate spacing by approximately 10% and stiffens the lateral action of the shifter. Additionally, when moving the shifter in the lateral (left or right) directions, you will notice less play and less compliance (sponginess).

    Shifter Centring Spring: Expect snappier centring action and more decisive gate changes when shifting.

    Short Throw Adaptor: Expect shifts to feel around 20% shorter and a bit more crisp. You may also notice that the shifter's longitudinal (forward or backward) motion has a bit less play.




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