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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 7th April '24

    Weekly Refresh: Sunday 7th April '24

    Welcome back to another instalment of Dream Weekly Refresh - somehow we're now in April and have already completed a quarter of the year 😳 With that in mind, let's get straight into looking at some featured products as well as what we've been up to in the workshop this week!

    Dress Up Bolts - FK8 Type R

    One of the best ways to either add a splash of colour or simply improve the look of your engine bay is with Dress Up Bolts! Over the last few months we've experienced quite a few of you asking for us to add these to our website - as always we were listening!

    These bolts replace your boring, rusty or ugly OEM hardware with stylish, titanium hardware that are made to match your build perfectly. Above looking good, Dress Up Bolts' hardware is made to outlast us all, meaning that you will never have to deal with corroded bolts, discoloured hardware or worry about scratching them the minute you use a tool on it!

    Currently we have listed all of their engine bay and hood kits, separately and as a bundle. You have a choice of 6 finishes; true burnt (burnt titanium), gold, blue, polished, black or purple.



    Ramair Intake System - FL5 Type R

    Easily the best bang for your buck intake available for the FL5 Type R right now is coming from Ramair, producing an impressive 10-12hp gain for just £265!

    When the team at Ramair released their induction kit for the FL5 Honda Civic Type R, they boldly claimed it made gains of up to 12 horsepower - we knew immediately we had to get our hands on one for testing!Having also tested other available intakes of very similar design, we were expecting to see only a 5-6hp gain. After a few dyno runs, we were very impressed to see that the Ramair produced the 12hp claimed with ease!

    Since releasing a YouTube video covering the testing and results, they have been flying off of the shelves and into the engine bay of FL5's globally.



    HJS Exhaust System - GR Yaris

    In case you don't know, HJS Tuning are the creators of some of the worlds best exhaust components - they are best known for their incredibly high performance high-flow catalytic converters, their FK2, FK8 and FL5 sports-cat downpipe being undoubtedly the best available. Something we haven't seen before from HJS is a full system, however that is exactly what we're now looking at!

    As expected from HJS, the build quality and performance is second to none, and we can't wait to fit one of these up to a GR Yaris to put it to the test.

    Eventuri V3 Turbo Tube Fitting!

     Alongside the release of the highly anticipated Eventuri Intake  and turbo tube for the FL5 Type R came the V3 turbo tubes for the FK2 & FK8. This revised tube enlarges during the middle section allowing for increased and smoother air flow, providing a noticeable boost in throttle response and mid-range torque - even after coming from a V2 Eventuri turbo tube!



    FK2 Service & Valve Clearances

    This FK2 Type R joined us at the end of the week for a bit of maintenance in the form of a full service, including valve clearances. The owner of this vehicle chose to have one of our genuine Honda specification services, following the same intervals and using genuine fluids and parts. We also offer service packages oriented for modified/tuned vehicles which use high performance fluids and parts.


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