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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 26th May '24

    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 26th May '24

    Welcome back to another iteration of your favourite weekly newsletter - we hope we're your favourite at least... behind the scenes we've been building some new and exciting products onto our website however we haven't yet been given the greenlight to release them fully, so we'll have to keep you waiting. One of these products we're particularly excited about... we'll give you a hint; it takes steering wheel boss kits to the next level! Any guesses? If you think you know, drop us a message on social media!

    Rather than covering NEW products, we're going to give you a few suggestions on upgrades we think are criminally under-rated... let's jump in!


    Spoon Sports Rigid Collars

    We've said it before and we'll say it again - Rigid Collars are NOT to be slept on! For what is essentially a fancy washer around a subframe bolt, the handling benefits are unbelievable. If you're using your Type R for any sort of fast road or track use, which lets face it - you are, then you need to pick up a set.

    Rigid Collars are made from a secret blend of space materials that ensure they mount perfectly flat between the chassis and subframe, taking up any imperfection in the mounting surfaces.

    These guys are the cure to chassis movement, greatly improved handling, reduced road noise, reduced vibration and improved braking!


    Dream Uprated Throttle Body Hose

    It's safe to assume that if you're reading this, you probably own an FK2 or an FK8... if that is true, and you haven't got one of our throttle body hoses, do yourself a favour and pick one up! This hose is designed to supersede the INCREDIBLY common issue of a splitting OEM hose... it has been a problem since 2015 with the release of the FK2 Type R and has worked its way to the FL5 Type R. This hose is reinforced to permanently fix the problem or ensure that you never encounter it in the first place! Priced at only £26.95 GBP, it's a no-brainer. 

    Please note: We are currently working on a revised hose for correct FL5 fitment, it will release very soon!


    After a look at some under-rated products, let's resume our usual programme and take a look into the workshop to see what we've been working on this week!

    PRL Motorsports HVI Intake Fitting (FL5)

    We had a beautiful championship white FL5 Type R join us in the workshop this week for the fitting of a PRL Motorsports High Volume Intake System. We've been eager to get our hands on one of these systems for a little while now to see how it compares to other FL5 intakes as well as PRL's FK8 HVI.

    We're pleased to say that the build quality, as usual from PRL Motorsports, was on point! The intake also created an incredible sound track, similar to it's F8K predecessor. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get this FL5 up on the dyno for some runs/testing however we'll definitely be carrying some out at the next opportunity we get!

    If the intake does indeed produce the 10-20hp claimed from PRL Motorsports, it will definitely be popular. It comes in at a very competitive £495, produces a great sound track and possible some very impressive numbers!



    Paragon Front & Rear Big Brake Kit (FK8)

    Paragon Brakes offer a great lineup of high-end motorsport level braking products for the FK2, FK8 and the FL5 Type R. This week we installed both a front and rear big brake kit to this serious track specification FK8 Type R!

    As usual we are thoroughly impressed at the build quality of Paragons products, the calipers, discs, pads, carriers and lines all look and feel of superior quality and the performance is not to be questioned either.

    This customer opted for a 370mm front disc paired with 6-pot calipers and R7 Track/Competition pads on the front of the car, and the rear was kitted out with a 350mm disc and R7 Track/Compeition pads too. This setup is serious and will inspire confidence out on track, when it truly matters!



    Thanks for taking the time out of your weekend to read another Dream Weekly Refresh - we hope you, your friends and your family have had/are having a great weekend. We look forward to catching back up with you all next Sunday!

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