Dream Automotive De-Cat Downpipe | Honda Civic Type R | FK2 2.0T K20C1 | 2015-2016

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Heat Management: Without Heat Management

The Dream Automotive Replacement CAT pipe for the Civic FK2 is made from lightweight T304 stainless steel for longer life and to give the owner a higher flow rate with reduced back pressure to release the engine's full capabilities. 

The de-cat pipe incorporates a tangential bend turbo outlet ensuring a perfect transition through its 3.5" bend tapered down to a 3" exhaust outlet. Hand-made to the highest UK Motorsport standards, TIG welded, using water cut machined flanges we can promise an OEM fitment.

Heat management

We can offer two types of heat management,

Hard Lagging is when the insulation material is directly attached to the downpipe.
The process involves the insulation material wrapped directly around the pipe. A metallic skin is then micro spot welded directly to the pipe to secure and seal the insulation material in place. The metallic skin also acts as part of the thermal barrier by providing additional heat resistance. Hard lagging can withstand temperatures of up to 1200°C

Zircotec ceramic coating offers 30% heat reduction, It is in effect “welded” to the substrate using our proprietary metal bond system; eliminating the need for exhaust wrap; protecting components against corrosion, and continuing to perform and look good. Zircotec coating can withstand temps of up to 900°C

Non-heatsheilded weight 2.7kg 

Heatsheilded weight 3kg


Lead time: pipe lead time 6 weeks + 10 working days for coating/hardlag process.

Heat Management: Without Heat Management

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