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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 5th May '24

    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 5th May '24

    Welcome back to another instalment of Dream Weekly Refresh - this week we've got plenty of new and very exciting products to share with you, as well as some interesting workshop jobs! From all of us here at Dream, we hope you had a fantastic week and are having a fantastic weekend! Let's not take up too much of your time and get stuck in!


    APR Performance Carbon Rear Diffuser - FL5 Type R

    The APR Performance diffuser is designed to work in conjunction with other aerodynamic components of the FL5 Type R to help produce downforce. Because a car displaces air as it moves forward, the air molecules in the rear of the car get disrupted causing a vacuum of low-pressure air.

    To help channel the high-speed air flow coming from underneath the car, diffusers redirect the high-speed air flow to transition smoothly into the low-pressure vacuum in the rear. This encourages a smoother air flow underneath the car and allows better performance from other aerodynamic components such as aerodynamic wings.


    M&M Honda Super Titanium Exhaust System - FL5 Type R

    The M&M Honda Super Titanium Exhaust Muffler is a handmade exhaust system crafted using carefully selected titanium. Both the main and sub-silencers have a through-type straight structure with no partition plates, delivering high performance on the circuit, an improved sound volume, sound quality, sound sensation, and over all exhaust efficiency. This is an ultra-lightweight exhaust system that is less than half the weight of a genuine muffler thanks to high quality titanium construction. Read more on our website...


    Carbon Fibre Intake System - Lotus Emira V6

    Introducing the Eventuri Lotus Emira V6 Supercharged intake. This intake is the result of extensive R&D and testing to improve on the flow path of the stock system. This system is a complete redesign of the stock airbox with the aim of reducing the resistance on the supercharger and keeping inlet temperatures low. By utilising out patented Venturi Housing the airflow path is now much more direct and laminar in comparison to the cuboid OEM airbox. Eventuri's custom made EPDM hose is also much smoother internally in comparison to the stock hose, which has large ridges along the curved section that inherently create turbulence. This version allows movement where it is necessary but then has a smooth curved section all the way to the throttle body. Finally, duct seals the filter housing and takes in cold air from the OEM location for minimised IATs.

    The Eventuri Lotus Emira intake system consists of a number of components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards. Eventri use 100% pre-preg carbon fibre with no fibreglass which means that a smooth internal surface can be achieved, maintaining a much smoother airflow. Read more on our website...


    HiRev Sports Tail-Lights

    This polished metal metallic FK8 came in this week to have a range of parts fitted, the highlight being a set of HiRev Sports Tail-Lights and LED reflectors! Although it did take a while to wire them up and ensure all the lights functioned properly, the final look was great - the clear style lights paired with PMM paint makes for a great combination and the fully illuminated rear end also looks great!



    FK2 Brake Upgrades/Maintenance

    Taking care of your vehicles braking system is incredibly important - this FK2 Type R was in to have a rear brake caliper replaced as well as a set of our braided brake lines! Braided Brake Lines are a simple yet effective upgrade on any car providing greatly improved pedal consistency, feel and performance. Our brake lines are certified globally meaning you can use them anywhere in the world!



     Thank you for reading another Weekly Refresh - we hope you have had a great weekend and look forward to seeing you next week! To have a more interactive version of this blog delivered directly to your inbox every weekend, enter your email address below!



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