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    Weekly Refresh: Sunday 31st March '24

    Weekly Refresh: Sunday 31st March '24

    Welcome back to Dream Weekly Refresh, this weeks edition being March's last! If you're like us, you've also been looking forward to today for another reason - the clocks change, giving us longer evenings and, with time, warmer evenings!

    Before we get into the thick of things, we've got some housekeeping to do - we were closed on Friday 29th and will also be closed tomorrow, Monday 1st, for Easter! Any enquiries we have received over this time will be replied to upon our return on Tuesday 2nd April! 😁

    We don't want to take up too much of your time, so lets get stuck right in!


    EBC Brakes - FK2/FK8/FL5

    We added an array of EBC Brake discs, pads and kits to our site this week, as well as spending time making it easier for you to spec up and choose out the brakes you may need! If you're in need of some new brakes, head over and take a look - there's something available no matter what you use your car for!



    Cusco Spoiler Raisers - FL5 Type R

    The Cusco High Rear Spoiler Mounts allow you to mount your OEM FL5 Type R spoiler 85mm higher than the original position. With the spoiler mounted in a higher position, you will experience an increase in downforce, improved vehicle stability at high speeds and during braking as well as cornering and traction performance.

    These mounts are made using 5-axis machining which allows for a 3D curved surface, which is impossible with normal machining, resulting in a finish that looks like a genuine part.



    KillAllWipers Rear Wiper Delete Kit - FK8/FL5 Type R

    The KillAllWipers Rear Wiper Delete Kit allows you to remove your FK8 Type R or FL5 Type R's rear wiper and fill the hole left behind with a flush fitting, OEM+ finish. All kits are made in-house at Kill All Wipers HQ, in the UK.




    FK8 Fresh Kicks - Rays CE28

    In case this car looks familiar, you're not going crazy - this FK8 featured on our YouTube channel last year as part of a HUGE £20,000 upgrade! The car received a long list of parts covering all bases and transforming it into a very capable, track ready car.

    The car was back with us this week for a set of Rays VolkRacing CE28 Club Racer II's, an incredibly strong yet incredibly lightweight wheel, perfect for this car.


    A(nother) Dose Of Carbon!

    Although blue and bronze is a colour combination synonymous with Subaru's, we're a big fan of how it looks on the FK8. This particular car has been coming to see us for a while now, and was back this week for a set of carbon fibre, Mugen-esque side skirts. These paired with the cars front lip extension added a perfect amount of personality and aggression!


    Thanks again for joining us in our weekly newsletter - we hope you have had a fantastic long weekend so far, and wish you, your friends and your family a happy Easter! We look forward to bringing you April's first weekly update next week!

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