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    Weekly Refresh: Sunday 10th March '24

    Weekly Refresh: Sunday 10th March '24

    Welcome back to another instalment of Dream Weekly Refresh! This week we've got some great new product releases to share, one of which we've been excited to share for a while now. We've also had a very special car back in our workshop, keep reading to find out more! Let's get stuck right in 🙌


    Eventuri Turbo Tube V3 - FK8 Type R
    Just under a month ago, Eventuri announced that they would be releasing a revised version of their incredibly popular carbon fibre turbo tube - it is finally available for order on our site now!
    Introducing Eventuri's updated Carbon Turbo Tube for the FK8 which is now even larger in volume and produces more power. Our turbo tube was designed with these 3 key objectives; volume, flow quality and temperature.
    Inlet Diameters have increased and are now 78mm at the intake end, increasing to 88mm which is a huge increased over the stock 63mm throughout. The increase to 88mm through the tube increases the cross sectional area by 96% compared to the OEM tube. This allows the turbo to operate more efficiently and spool up to peak boost levels faster. It also allows the turbo to operate at peak boost with less turbine loading.
    Having just a large internal volume is no good unless the flow path also allows for smooth airflow to the turbo. By using high temperature Prepreg Carbon Fiber we have managed to achieve a smooth internal surface. In contrast, the stock inlet tube is made from cast aluminium which ends up with a rough internal surface. This coupled with the smooth curvature of the elbow results in a flow path which minimises turbulence.
    The final criteria was to minimise the conduction of heat into the airflow. The stock inlet is directly connected to the turbo and so immediately conducts heat as the turbo spools. Our system uses a machined flange which connects to the turbo and then a silicon coupler with an integrated thermal spacer to keep the carbon elbow from having direct contact with the turbo. This barrier coupled with the low through-thickness thermal conductivity of carbon fiber results in less heat being transferred to the airflow.

    Acuity Instruments Super Cooler Reverse Flow Hoses - FL5 Type R

    ACUiTY's Super-Cooler, Reverse-Flow Silicone Radiator Hoses can help your Civic or Integra to run cooler while using superior materials to help better deal with increased underhood temperatures. By reversing water flow through the radiator, these hoses actually help your Civic or Integra to cool itself more efficiently.

    ACUiTY engineers determined that Honda's K20C-equipped cars could reject more heat if the water flow through the radiator is reversed. Since the FL5 and DE5 share a very similar cooling pack, ACUiTY was able to port this discovery over to those platforms as well. The additional cooling achieved is due to how the intercooler rejects heat from charge air and how that heat flows through the lower part of the radiator. In very hot conditions on cars that also have upgrades like hood venting and an upgraded radiator, water temps were reduced by as much as an additional 4.5°F (2.5°C) after installing these hoses.



    Axis Shift Panel Side Trims - FL5 Type R

    With the recent discontinuation of many Genuine Honda interior parts, we have actively been searching for high quality parts that we can recommend in their place - this led us to Axis Asia, a Japanese brand that creates premium carbon fibre components for many cars, including the FL5 Type R. We have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of Axis parts so far, and are happy to offer them to FL5 owners globally.

    One of their newest releases are a set of shift panel side trims than transform the interior of the FL5 Type R! They are available in carbon fibre, red suede or black suede. Installation is incredibly easy; simply peel the pre-applied 3M tape and stick it down into place. As with all Axis carbon parts, this cover is painted in a protective clear coat to prevent discoloration from UV rays.

    Take a look at the rest of the Axis range too, there are plenty of incredible, high quality parts to take your FL5 to the next level.


     Thing didn't slow down in our workshop again this week! Among our usual schedule of servicing and maintenance, we also had quite a lot of work to carry out on a very special FK8 Type R before the show season kicks off this weekend!



    Full J's Racing FK8 Type R

    The highlight in our workshop this week was Europe's only complete J's Racing catalogue build, which has featured heavily over the last 2 years on our social media and YouTube, owned by Jason! This week his car was back on the ramp to have J's Racing's all new rear diffuser and under spoiler fitted. The car also went through a large clean and detail in preparation for a show - in fact by the time you've read this, the car will likely have won yet another award! 👏


    Basic Service

    The first few hours of Friday morning were spent carrying out a basic fluid change service on an FK8 Type R Sportline - we don't see many of these in the workshop! The car received genuine Honda 0w-20 engine oil and Motul RBF600 for both the brakes and the clutch. If you're looking to get your Type R serviced and prepared for the year ahead, get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help!



    That wraps up this weeks Dream Weekly Refresh - we've got some exciting projects in the works, keep an eye on our social media and of course check back in next week to stay up to speed with everything we're up to here at Dream 🙌


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