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    INSTANTLY levelling up the FL5 Type R's road presence!

    From the factory, the 2023 Honda Civic FL5 Type R is fitted with 19x9.5" ET60 wheels, an inch wider and an inch smaller than it's predecessor. They feature some really interesting new technology which aids in keeping the brakes cool during track/spirited driving.

    Despite all this, the wheels are still tucked away inside of the cars bulging arches meaning that, although the FL5 is certainly a menacing car to see in your rear view mirror, there is some room for improvement. There are 2 directions you can go; aftermarket wheels or wheel spacers. Today we'll be looking at the latter.

    With another beautiful FL5 Type R up on the ramp this week for a set of Braided Brake Lines and HEL Carbon Brake Pad Shims, we decided to carry out a quick investigation to see what size spacer would provide optimal, flush fitment.

    Our go to spacer is the Eibach Pro-Spacer, made from a high-tensile-strength aluminium alloy that fit perfectly. This is achieved by having extremely low tolerances during production which also results in exceptional wheel balance.
    We grabbed as set of 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 25mm spacers from our stock and decided that our best bet would be to start with a 20mm spacer as this was the size we used to achieved flush fitment on the FK8 Type R! We bolted them on, put the car back on the ground and were very pleased to see that yet again, 20mm is the perfect size.

    We're sure you agree that the improvement is MASSIVE, bringing the stance and the road presence of the FL5 up to a level deserving of the Type R badge! 


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