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    Dream Weekly Refresh - Thursday 16th November '23

    Welcome back to our weekly newsletter!

    Black Friday has arrived and is in full swing here at Dream! We've got some incredible savings available this year - make sure you make the most of them!

    We'll be adding more brands to the savings as the event progresses so make sure you keep checking back on the site - we wouldn't want you to miss out on some sweet offers!


    Ramair Induction Kit - FL5 Type R

    This week we're carrying out some testing on the Ramair Induction Kit for the FL5 Type R, which claims to provide a 12hp increase! In design, this intake is very similar to the incredibly popular Pipercross Induction Kit which, in our testing, produced a 5-6hp increase. Make sure you're subscribed to our YouTube channel to see the dyno runs and of course the numbers!

    The Ramair is available with both a foam filter and a pleated mesh filter and is priced at £265 for the foam and £275 for the pleated. If you you're already excited by the sounds of this and don't need a video to convince you, you can pick one up here!


     That wraps this week up! Remember to make the most of our Black Friday savings, we're giving away some very high-performance parts at the lowest price all year. Head over to our home page to get involved and see what's available!


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