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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 25th February 2024

    Welcome back to weekly refresh!

    We hope you have had a good week! Let's not waste any time and get stuck right into some of the newest products on our website, we've got some very exciting additions this week!


    APR GT-250 67" Swan-Neck Spoiler - FL5 Type R

    Want a spoiler that has superior aerodynamics AND stands out?! Look no further - the APR GT-250 67" Swan-Neck Spoiler was developed for use on Team Honda Research West's FL5 racecar, but is now available for purchase by the public!

    All GT Series wings feature an all-new, low-drag, aerodynamic 2D designed airfoil shape. The "2D" design allows the wing to maintain a consistent level of downforce across its entire span. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis was performed on this wing to support validation of its aerodynamic design.

    Each GT Series airfoil is composed of lightweight and durable carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite materials. These airfoils contain pre-pregnated woven carbon fibre sheets for superior strength and low weight. All CFRP airfoils are made using pre-pregnated composite manufacturing processes (i.e. high-temperature autoclave and vacuum bagging) in high-quality aluminium billet molds.

    Gurney flaps are included and pre-installed with every GT-250 wing. These are super lightweight, made using pre-pregnated carbon fibre processes.



    Dream High Pressure Coolant Cap - FK2/FK8/FL5 Type R

    We've added another new product to our line-up this week, a small but mighty upgrade that will contribute more towards cooling your car than you may think!

    It's no secret that the K20C1 era Honda Civic Type R's have their fair share of overheating issues, it's something that aftermarket part companies have been trying to conquer since the FK2 Type R released in 2015.

    One part of the cooling system that is frequently overlooked is the coolant header tank cap, which plays quite a vital role! As your vehicles coolant heats up and expands, pressure builds up within the cooling system - when the pressure gets to a certain point, a plunger on the cap is pushed open to release excess pressure. When the pressure is back to the optimal level, the plunger closes again.

    The OEM Honda coolant cap opens up when the pressure reaches 1.1 bar, however, the Dream Automotive High-Pressure Coolant Cap opens at 1.3 bar - allowing the pressure to build a little bit higher and also increasing the boiling point of your coolant, adding more protection against cavitation. Cavities (air pockets) in the cooling system prevent coolant from actually cooling the engine which may lead to increased wear and damage to vital engine components.



    PRL Motorsports High Volume Intake - FL5 Type R

    Another highly anticipated intake for the FL5 Type R made it's debut this week - the PRL Motorsports HVI!

    The development of the High Volume Intake System for the FL5 Civic Type-R and DE5 Acura Integra platform is complete! PRL have applied the expertise they gained from their FK8 HVI and made significant improvements to the construction, materials, and overall design resulting in an Intake that rivals the best options on the market. The FL5 Civic Type-R High Volume Intake system uses a 6" cone filter and an HDPE rotomolded air box. This air box uses the factory air duct and seal for optimal airflow and heat-soak reduction.

    The factory rubber inlet connects to the box and extends over the core support. This rubber duct seals to the hood and channels air into the airbox via a duct in front of the radiator support. PRL's vast experience with the FK8 taught them the importance of keeping these cars cool during hard driving. Third-party testing revealed a 10-20hp loss when the hood is closed, indicating that the factory duct is a point of restriction. In response, we developed the secondary duct to address this issue of air starvation.

    With this integration, they maximized the opening size to be as large as possible, along with the secondary duct eliminating any restrictions associated with airflow into the box. As a result, there is a 133% increase in airflow over the OE unit. It is no secret that a more freely breathing engine produces more power. In order to maintain this free-breathing design throughout the entire intake system, PRL have also included their typical stepped silicone design which matches each piece of silicone to each connection point. This ensures a smooth transition between all intake components and minimizes intake tract resistance.

    As with all intakes produced by PRL, the primary objective is to provide a factory-like fuel trim for optimal drivability. PRL have dedicated considerable time to designing what they believe to be the best intake system/MAF housing on the market. They are confident that their High Volume Intake System for the FL5 and DE5 platform will exceed your expectations, delivering the performance and quality that has become synonymous with the name PRL.



    If you read last weeks weekly refresh, you'd see that we had a very busy week with 3 FK2 Type R's - this week we've turned the tables and have a trio of FK8's!


    25,000 Mile Service + Genuine Honda Wind Deflectors

    The first of the three FK8's in this week was in for a 25,000 mile service, which includes valve clearances and an oil change, as well as a Cusco Front Lower Brace and a set of Genuine Honda Wind Deflectors. We showed more of the wind deflectors install in a video over on our Instagram, if you haven't seen it, go and check it out!


    High-end upgrades from Rays, Eibach and HKS!

    A great line-up of high end upgrades for this FK8 Type R this week! A new set of the amazing Rays 57CR's upgrade the handling and looks of this FK8, with further handling upgrades coming in the form of front and rear Eibach Anti-Roll bars. The car also had a HKS De-Cat fitted, levelling up the performance too.


    Blitz Upper Brace & Acuity Cable Bushes


    To round the week up nicely we had a quick and easy installation of some Acuity Shifter Cable Bushes, sharpening up the gear changes, as well as Blitz Front Upper Brace to tighten up the handling on the front end of the vehicle - these are both incredibly popular upgrades and work really well together to improve the driving experience. While the customer was here, he also asked us to put in some silver coated rear indicator bulbs which help massively to clean up the rear end! You can once again see more of these on our Instagram!



    Thank you for reading another instalment of Dream Weekly Refresh! We hope you have had/are having a fantastic weekend and wish you all the best in the week ahead! Remember to head over and check out our social media for daily updates on our webshop, workshop and more!


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