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    Dream Weekly Refresh - Sunday 24th March 24'

    Dream Weekly Refresh - Sunday 24th March 24'

    Welcome back to another instalment of Dream Weekly Refresh! We've had a brilliant week here at Dream this week with an incredibly busy workshop and plenty of new products added to our website for you to enjoy! We hope you've have had/are having a good weekend so far - we don't want to take up too much of your time so let's get straight into things! 🙌


    Dream Reservoir Sock - Any Vehicle
    Dream Automotive brake fluid reservoir socks not only look good and allow you to represent Dream under-the-hood but also to reinforce your vehicles braking system in a few different ways.

    Firstly, the sock is designed to prevent your brake fluid from becoming contaminated from moisture in the atmosphere which can dramatically reduce braking performance and corrodes braking system components. Secondly, the sock will hold the reservoir cap in place during spirited driving assisting to minimise any spillages of vital fluids.

    Our reservoir sock is made from 80% cotton and 20% elastic resulting in a premium feeling and looking part that can stretch to fit the brake fluid reservoir of any vehicle. We offer them with both a red and white 'Dream' logo.



    Cusco D1 Chromoly Roll-Cage - FK8 Type R

    If you are serious about tracking your car, you'll know that safety is more important than anything else. Cusco's D1 chromoly roll cages are recommended for track/race driving for optimal safety and structural rigidity.

    The D1 Chromoly cage is 33% lighter than a conventional steel roll cage, helping your car maintain the edge. There are many different cage configurations available; dash-dodging cages, through dashboard cages and rear window/roof line cages that retain the rear interior and ability to carry passengers, all to suit the needs of your vehicle!



    GReddy Competition Crash Bar - FK8 Type R

    Another great upgrade for the track drivers among you is this competition crash bar from GReddy. This crash bar is designed to allow for increased airflow to front mounted radiators/coolers without compromising your safety in the event of an accident or collision. The bar uses factory mounting locations, making it a very simply swap and includes mounting locations for a tow hook and supports for an intercooler duct, both available separately.

    The bar is finished in a powder-coated black and weighs a good amount less than the OEM bar, giving you further edge over the competition!



           Used Products Section - FK2/FK8/FL5 Type R

     We've added plenty of new USED parts to our website this week - head over and checkout our wide range of parts at some unbelievable prices!



    We hope you have enjoyed this weeks instalment of Dream Weekly Refresh! Thanks for taking the time out of your Sunday to have a read of what we've been up to. To receive a more interactive version of this blog post, delivered straight to your email inbox each week, enter your email into the box below!



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