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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 23rd June '24

    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 23rd June '24


    Welcome back to Dream Weekly Refresh - thank you for taking the time to join us! After a week of our workshop being closed and our website product additions being on hold, we've had a busy week back with plenty of cars in for work as well as heaps of exciting products now up for grabs on our website!


    Let's take a closer look at what exactly we've been working on!


    RS-R Best*i Active Coilovers - FK8 Type R

    RS-R are a Japanese manufacture that create suspension components of incredibly high quality and amazing performance! To sweeten the deal, these coilovers have a party trick up their sleeve.

    These coilovers wire into you FK8's factory ADS system and allow you to maintain full utility over the standard drive modes (Comfort, Sport and R+ Mode). 

    Visit our website to find out more!



    NEW Airtec FL5 Type R upgrades!

    Front Mount Intercooler

    As part of their expanding Honda platform product range, AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch an external oil cooler kit for the FL5 Civic Type R, suitable for track or fast road use.

    Its improved cooling efficiency and easy fitment makes it an essential modification for all modified Civic Type R FL5 models.

    Priced at only £695 GBP!

    Front Mount Oil Cooler

    Another addition to the line up is the AIRTEC Motorsport external oil cooler kit for the FL5 Civic Type R, suitable for track or fast road use.

    Its increased cooling efficiency and easy fitment makes it another essential modification for all modified FL5 Type R models.

    Priced at only £499 GBP!


    PRL Rear Engine Mount - FL5 Type R

    PRL's rear motor mount utilises two press-fit 60A EPDM bushings, unlike most other aftermarket mounts on the market. They collected real-world data and feedback from numerous different vehicles and drivers to develop a one-size-fits-all design that perfectly suits any application.

    This has been a highly anticipated product and we are pleased to now offer it to FL5 owners globally!



    J's Racing Front Grille, HKS Intercooler and more!

    This FK8 Type R came in for a front end makeover this week, thanks to a J's Racing Front Carbon Sports Grille and a HKS Intercooler with hard pipes! The owner also chose to upgrade to a Dream Throttle Body Hose while we were working in the area.

    J's Racing's Front Carbon Sports Grille was designed to massively improve airflow into the radiator, assisting cooling during both normal and spirited driving. It is also a popular option for those looking to add a boost of aggression to the front of their vehicle as it provides an angry look - especially when it's coming towards you in the rear view mirror!

    HKS are known globally as a producer of high quality and high performance upgrade parts for a huge range of Japanese vehicles - their FK8 intercooler is no different! With an approximately 200% larger core capacity, the cooling difference between the standard intercooler and the HKS intercooler is dramatic, especially on tuned vehicles.



    Sharpen Up Those Shifts!

    It only took a few months of ownership for the owner of this FK8 to make some upgrades, this time coming in the form of some Acuity Instruments shifter assembly components to provide an even more engaging, satisfying and sharp feel between gears.

    The owner picked up a centring spring, shifter cable bushes and a shifter rocker upgrade! All of these combined take the FK8 driving experience to new heights. The car also had fresh gearbox oil, the owner opting for AMSoil MTF, and a new genuine Honda oil filter!

    We can already tell the owner of this FK8 will be back for more upgrades in the near future - possibly a set of wheels! Click the link below to sharpen your shifts!




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