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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 18th February '24

    Welcome back to Dream Weekly Refresh!

    We're already over half way through February and it's proving to be a relentless month! We're incredibly busy with both our webstore and our workshop - there have been plenty of new products loaded onto the website and we've had some big jobs in the workshop!

    Lets take a look at some of the newest products to hit our site this week!

    J's Racing Hyper Intercooler - FL5 Type R

    The J's Racing Hyper Intercooler is a must-have upgrade for all FL5 Type R owners. The performance of the OEM FL5 intercooler cannot keep up with the heat generated, even in normal conditions, air intake temperatures reach 50-60℃ at 6kRPM or higher (at an ambient temperature of approximately 25℃).

    This lack of performance is caused by the extremely high heat output of the turbo, insufficient capacity of the OEM intercooler core and inefficient fins, lack of airflow whilst driving, lack of escape route for heat within in the intercooler and it's piping.

    Increasing intercooler capacity directly increases the heat exchange rate which will result in a more consistent power output during high RPMs and an increase in power across the full range. The J's Racing Hyper Intercooler reduces temperatures by approximately 5℃ or more during low-intake air temperature conditions and up to 15℃ during high intake air temperature conditions.

    In addition to its cooling capabilities, the intercooler has also been made to be lightweight to minimise the impact on driving performance. No modification is required to fit this intercooler, it is compatible with OEM and aftermarket turbochargers. A J's Racing logo stencil is included.



    M&M Honda Front Lip Spoiler - FL5 Type R

    Introducing the M&M Honda Front Lip Spoiler for the 2023 Honda Civic Type R FL5, created to emphasise the road presence of your Type R with a fearless design. The front lip spoiler is not only made to look good, it offers aero-dynamic benefits during high-speed street, highway and circuit driving - reducing lift and providing stability. This improves driving performance through corners, down straights and under breaking. The spoiler forces are below the spoiler creating strong negative pressure, sucking the vehicle to the road surface. The lip integrates protruding surfaces on the left and right sides, similarly to the OEM side skirts, made to be functional and beautiful, befitting of the FL5 Type R.



    Forge Motorsport Recirculation Valve Upgrade - FK2/FK8/FL5 Type R

    Forge Motorsport direct replacement recirculation valve for the Honda Civic Type R. This hand-polished valve bolts directly to the turbo in place of the OEM diaphragm type valve. Built in the UK, it features a robust piston design that allows for tuning with interchangeable springs. For those running higher boost pressures after software tuning, this really is a must to ensure that you do not lose boost through the valve.


    We had quite a few big jobs in this week - x3 FK2 Type Rs in for drivetrain repairs as well as an FK8 in at the end of the week for a 25,000 mile service as well as some cooling and exhaust upgrades!


    Triple FK2 Gearbox Rebuild:

    With the FK2 Type R approaching it's 10th birthday, some common age related issues are starting to come out of the woodwork - we're all familiar with the boost solenoid harness and the throttle body hose, but one of the more troublesome issues is to do with the gearbox.

    We've seen cars from all walks of life having these issues, whether they've been given a hard time by multiple owners over the years or they've been looked after by a single owner from the day they came from the factory.

    The most common symptoms include:

    • Difficulty selecting 1st, 2nd, 4th or Reverse
    • 3rd gear grinding (usually at higher mileage and with aggressive down shifting)
    • Slipping clutch due to valve cover gasket failure

      The 3 cars we've had in this week all had different symptoms. The first car had 1st gear lockout, the second car had crunching between 2nd and 3rd gear and the third car was experiencing some serious clutch slip due to valve cover gasket failure!

      The first 2 cars underwent a complete gearbox rebuild whereas the 3rd car simply had a replacement valve cover gasket and a new clutch. One thing all 3 cars upgraded was their clutch - moving from the OEM FK2 clutch to the OEM FK8 clutch thanks to our incredibly affordable conversion kit.

      FK8 25k Service and Upgrades:

       After a week working with FK2 gearboxes, carrying out a few simple upgrades on this FK8 Type R was a great way to end the week! This car had an Airtec Intercooler and a Remus Exhaust System paired with the Remus Sound-Controller. The car also underwent it's 25,000 mile service which includes an oil change and valve clearances!


      FL5 Eventuri Intake and Turbo Tube Fitting

      Before this week even kicked off, we spent the morning of Saturday 10th February in the workshop with our good friend Tim and his FL5 Type R. We were carrying out some dyno runs and fitting the all new Eventuri Intake System and Turbo Tube before he hits the track in the coming weeks!


      Thank you for reading another instalment of Dream Weekly Refresh! We hope you have had/are having a fantastic weekend and wish you all the best in the week ahead! We'll catch you at the same time next week!


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