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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 12th May '24

    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 12th May '24

    Welcome back to another edition of Dream Weekly Refresh - we've had an incredibly busy week this week, as well as attending 2 shows over the weekend too! Let's take a look at some of the latest products to hit our site as well as what's been in and out of our workshop.


    The PRL Motorsports Wing Risers for the 2023+ Honda Civic Type R are designed with two purposes in mind: to raise the wing off of the body for a more aggressive look and also to allow for better visibility our of the rear view mirror without having the wing obstruct your field of vision.

    The PRL Wing Risers accomplish this by positioning the wing up 2” high up and 3” further back than the factory wing stanchions. On top of that, PRL have also built in adjustability to the attack angle of the wing to allow you to fine-tune the downforce that the wing is applying to the rear of the vehicle. This adjustment ranges from -5° to +27.5° of wing angle in 2.5° increments, for a total of 13 different angles you can set your wing at.


    HKS are known globally as one of the most prestigious tuning houses from Japan, having built up a cult following since the 1970s. Over 50 years since they began, HKS are still producing some of the highest quality products available for any vehicle - the FL5 Type R is one of those. The HKS Legamax exhaust system reduces exhaust pressure by 30%, with a sleek straight design high grade titanium tail pipes featuring the iconic HKS logo. This system provides the FL5 Type R with a crystal clear sound, heightening the driving experience.


    FL5 Track Preperation!

    As previously mentioned, we've had an incredibly busy week - and it didn't end on Friday! Over the weekend, we've been attending 2 shows. On Saturday 11th May we were putting in hot laps around Silverstone Circuit at Gassed On Track, and Sunday 12th May we were displaying our racecar, and another interesting Civic, for the FK8 National Owners Club.

    In preparation for track, we gave our FL5 Type R a once over as well as fitting a HEL Performance Thermostatic Oil Cooler. If you're planning to track your FL5, this might be one of the best upgrades you can make! It's well known that the K20C1 engine, found in all Type R's since the FK2, can get a bit hot - especially under heavy load!

    The HEL Thermostatic Oil Cooler was designed to combat that exact issue and bring oil temperatures down, meaning you can drive harder for longer without worrying about tearing apart your engine!



    FK8 Handling Upgrades!

    This FK8 Type R brought a great close to the week for our workshop with a package of handling upgrades - it's safe to say this car left us feeling way sharper than when it came in!

    The more precise driving experience is provided by a set of Spoon Sports Rigid Collars (Front & Rear), a pair of Hardrace Rear Camber Arms and a set of Tein RX1 Coilovers.

    We are firm believers that Rigid Collars, a product developed by Spoon Sports, are possibly one of the most under-rated upgrades on any vehicle! For what is essentially a washer that hugs around a subframe bolt, the results are incredible. If you know anyone that has experienced a car with Spoon Rigid Collars, they'll tell you just how great they are at making the driving experience tighter and more responsive!

    Hardrace Camber Arms unlocked adjustment to the camber on the rear of this FK8 Type R, allowing us to dial in an alignment better suited to this owners needs!

    The biggest upgrade of all was a set of beautiful Tein RX1 Coilovers! Not only do these open up a vast amount of height adjustability, they also utilise Tein's unique Hydraulic Bump Stop System, feature a camber adjustable lower brackets and provide 16-levels of damping force adjustment.



    Thank you for taking the time to read another instalment of our weekly refresh! We hope you, your friends and your family have had a brilliant weekend. We look forward to bringing you next weeks refresh.

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