EBC Brakes | 2-Piece Front Brake Disc Pair | Honda Civic Type R | 2.0T K20C1 | 2015+

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When developing these brake discs, the mission set to EBC Brakes Racing was to engineer one of the highest quality 2-piece brake disc on today's marketplace, at any price point. Consequently, these discs are manufactured from the finest materials and take advantage of state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, achieving a brake disc of exceptionally high quality.

All outer friction rings are cast from a high-copper, high-carbon G3500 disc alloy giving them a high resistance to wear and cracking, even when used on track or for racing. The cast iron outer ring ‘floats’ on EBC's patented SD-Drive technology bobbins, allowing the friction ring to expand and contract freely by up to 3mm when subjected to the extreme heat generated from hard braking.

The bells are precision machined from aerospace grade aluminium then hard anodised for great looks and excellent durability.

All bobbins are machined from a single piece of stainless steel, preventing unsightly corrosion and ensuring the outer ring continues to float freely, even after years of exposure to road elements. EBC Racing's 2-piece floating discs offer a low maintenance solution that is at home on both the public roads and the race track. Each bobbin location also features an anti-rattle spring clip, meaning these discs are totally silent in operation and do not have the ‘off brake disc rattle’ that is common with many other ‘full race’ 2-piece disc systems.

Upgrading from a 1-piece disc to a 2-piece floating disc will shave crucial kilograms off your vehicles un-sprung rotational mass, providing a noticeable improvement in corner entry turn in, tyre road holding, fuel economy and increasing the BHP at the wheels. Additionally, when the cast iron friction ring becomes worn after a period of use, the outer ring can be replaced independently of the other disc components, allowing the centre hub and stainless bobbins to be re-used which significantly reduces long term running costs.

  • The fully floating disc allows for the friction ring to grow independently of the hub dramatically increasing stopping performance and service life.
  • Our disc will be using stainless steel bobbins and nuts and this will ensure that the bobbins can not corrode in the slots in the disc ring which is a problem common with many other floating discs as the floating function of the disc can lock up with corrosion
  • Each of our high performance 2 piece disc rings will be cast out of a ‘G3500’ disc alloy this is constructed with a high carbon and copper content and is the highest grade of casting alloy available.
  • By using the ‘G3500’ disc alloy this gives us greater durability and a higher thermal conductivity compared to all other lower quality disc alloys.
  • Each disc will have 48 curved vanes and most importantly will be handed to improve cooling efficiency, unlike many OEM discs these days where the curved vanes run in the wrong direction on one side of the car
  • The discs are all centre split castings and this gives a more balanced casting compared to a moulded out casting. This means that the disc is less prone to heat distortion and failure.
  • Part of our testing procedure we run the disc through the new industry standard which is called the R90 disc test. To give you an idea about the test it involves running the vehicle up to V-max and doing 2 stops one after the other for 150 cycles.  To give you an idea of how tough this test is we have found generally a OEM disc would only get halfway through this test before failing. Our disc has gone through 2 of these tests with no heat surface crazing or cracking. This demonstrates that our disc can withstand the harshest of track use.  


  • Engineered, manufactured and run-out tested at EBC's headquarters in Northampton, UK
  • Sold as a simple bolt-on 2-piece floating disc upgrade for vehicles with 1-piece cast iron discs fitted as standard (no modification is required to the vehicle to fit 2-piece floating conversion, the EBC disc is a direct replacement to the original disc)
  • 48 directionally curved and handed vanes allow effective heat dissipation, resulting in lower operating temperatures that help delay brake fade
  • Friction rings cast from G3500 metallurgy with a high copper/high carbon content
  • Reduced weight compare to OE discs


  • Honda Civic Type R | FK2 2.0T K20C1 | 2015-2016
  • Honda Civic Type R | FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2017-2022
  • Honda Civic Type R | FL5 2.0T K20C1 | 2023+


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