AEM | Water Methanol Injection Kit | V3

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The AEM Water/Methanol Injection System is suitable for both turbo and supercharged vehicles. The advantages of this kit are it allows you to increase boost pressure and advance timing without having to run higher octane fuel, these kits are also effective for reducing engine inlet air temperatures and suppressing harmful detonation. Using this water/methanol kit can increase power by up to 20%.

This water/methanol controller is designed for petrol vehicles only with a maximum boost of 35psi, and comes with an on board MAP sensor with a molded in nipple for a boost hose pickup. The kit is also supplied with a fluid level sensor so it can detect if the fluid in the system is getting low or has an error.

The V3 250cc injector included in the kit has been designed using unique swirl generator technology which improves atomisation and delivers similar cooling capacity as a much larger injector but with reduced fluid use. With the V3 nozzle 1 gallon of fluid will give over 13 minutes run time at full pressure.



  • Water/Methanol Injection Kit
  • Standard Controller
  • Internal MAP with 35psi max
  • 200psi WM Pump
  • 250cc V3 injector
  • 3 Swirl generators (250cc, 500cc, 1000cc flow)
  • 1.15 Gallon tank with integral anti-starvation reservoir
  • Conductive Fluid Level Sensor
  • Installation Instructions


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