Spoon Sport N1 Exhaust System | Honda Civic Type R | FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2017+

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The CIVIC TYPE R (FK8) has a maximum output of 320ps and a maximum torque of 400Nm even in the normal state, but it aims to improve the output in the entire range without impairing the high torque and high response engine performance in the low to medium rev range, which are also its features. , I have repeated many exhaust tests.

The main pipe uses SUS304 material Φ70, and the tail adopts Φ70 finisher for Φ145 cannonball type dual silencer which can be said to be a symbol of SPOON N1 muffler. By eliminating the throttle at each flange connection and making it a straight structure, the exhaust efficiency has been improved to the utmost limit and a high-quality N1 sound has been achieved.

SPOON has been developing the ECU in parallel with the development of the exhaust, but in order to further increase the output and torque with ECU tunes such as boost up, it is essential to change from the front pipe, and the front pipe with a pipe diameter of Φ70 Was made as a set.


  • Obtained JQR certification. Compliant with safety standards
  • Proximity exhaust noise: 91db
  • Acceleration running noise: 78db


    • Honda Civic Type R | FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2017+


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