Eibach Pro-Tronic Electronic Suspension Module | Audi RS3 Sportback/Saloon | 8V 2.5 TFSI | 2015+

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Electronically controlled shock absorbers are becoming more common, but there is also often the call for a more sporty set-up. And while the installation of a conventional aftermarket system is a technically very smooth process, there may be some irritating error messages because the electronic damper control ?doesn?t get a grip on it?. The new Eibach Pro-Tronic suspension module provides a solution for this issue.

The modules deactivate the standard electronic damper control and thus make the new suspension effective. The functions of the controller and/or regulating systems are preserved and remain operational.

This does not only work in combination with Eibach suspension systems. Pro-Tronic can also be combined with suspension systems from other manufacturers, including OE sport suspension systems.

Eibach suspension systems are thus an alternative to standard electronic suspension systems.

The Eibach Electronic Suspension Module is available for a wide range of vehicles.

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