Time Attack 2019

Back before the world collapsed in on itself, we put our first FK8 through a full season of UK Time Attack! Our primary goal was to show that with just a few bolt-ons and a good setup, the FK8 is a fully capable and competitive race/track car!

The 2019 season started on May 6th at Cadwell Park and toured some of the UK's best circuits each month up until November 3rd! Throughout the 7 rounds, we took the opportunity to develop and test some of our products. We gained invaluable data from Time Attack and being able to put our products through such gruelling conditions paid off big time!

The car performed incredibly through the season and we came out the other side of it with a heap of data for future development and a championship winning car!

Winning the 2019 Club 2WD Time Attack Championship meant we achieved our goal of showing just how much the FK8 is a force to be reckoned with, even with minimal modifications!

Below are some of our favourite images from the season as well as some footage from Round 1 at Cadwell Park!