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When it comes to servicing your Type R, we know you wont settle for anything but the best. We're trusted by hundreds of owners across the UK (and beyond) to take care of their pride and joy and are confident that we provide the best Civic Type R servicing around. We know exactly how to keep your Honda happy!

Honda Specification Servicing

As the UK's leading Type R specialists, we are able to provide a superior service following the Honda service intervals and using the same genuine Honda parts meaning that your vehicles warranty is kept intact.

from £195 inc VAT

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Tuned Vehicle Servicing

When demanding more from your vehicle, it's essential to keep on top of maintenance lending itself to using higher specification parts. We're pleased to offer a wide range of performance service parts that inspire confidence when pushing your car to the limit.

from £195 inc VAT

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Whether you're looking for a genuine Honda specification service or a performance oriented service, get in touch!