FK2/8 & FL5 Gearbox repairs

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Without doubt one of the slickest manual gearboxes Honda have ever produced, the FK2/8 & FL5 gearbox is easily one of the most satisfying to use, something many supercars would be envious of. It even uses the same 40mm shift throw found on the NSX-R.

For everyday driving and occasional spirited driving, with regular maintenance oil changes, it is generally considered to be a reliable gearbox although there are some common issues that have started to occur which include the following symptoms

  • Synchro issues causing difficulty selecting 1st or reverse gears
  • 3rd gear grind on downshifts, usually at higher mileage and with aggressive shifting.
  • Synchro issues causing difficulty engaging gears, particularly 2nd and 4th.

Dream Gearbox Services

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the turbo-era platform, we are able to offer gearbox inspections and complete repairs for all of the commonly found issues that are starting to occur.

As these issue become more frequent, we now hold all Genuine Honda gearbox parts, as well as up-rated aftermarket gearbox parts, in stock to allow for instant supply, meaning minimal downtime for you and your vehicle.

  • Oil changes starts at £79 (inc gearbox filter)
  • Basic synchro repair starts at £1450

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FK2 Civic Type R Gearbox Issues

Although the FK2's gearbox is generally considered a reliable gearbox for everyday driving and occasional spirited driving, some commonly reported issues are:

  • 3rd gear grind on downshifts, usually at higher mileage and with aggressive shifting.
  • Synchro issues causing difficulty engaging gears, particularly 2nd and 4th.
  • Difficulty selecting 1st or Reverse gears

Upgrades while in the area

a few upgrades worth considering whilst on the job

Weighted Shift Knob

Weighted gear knobs can help with the throw of your gearstick, making those shifts feel even slicker

Fluid Upgrade

Many owners are choosing to change away from the Honda MTF3 fluid in favour for Amsoil Synchromesh tansmission fluid

Shifter Cable Bushings

A large-diameter, custom spherical bearing minimizes long-term wear and tear. Experience a solid, smooth shift that will make you fall in love with your car again.

Shifter Detent Springs

Heavy-duty detent springs offer an increase in the preload and stiffer spring rate over factory parts which aids the gear selector. The springs will make your gear engagements sharper since they replace the soft OEM ones.

Quiafe Differential

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RV6-FK8-4TH-GEAR RV6 Upgraded Helical 4th Gear | Honda Civic Type R | K20C1 2.0T | FK8 | 2017+ Media 1 of 4

Straight cut 4th Gear

The lower tooth count and larger teeth allow these gears to handle more torque and shock load. As most of you know 4th gear is the weak link in the FK2/8 transmission.

Genuine Parts


Genuine Parts Only

From Bearings and synchros to HondaBond Liquid gasket and everything in between. We've got you covered if your carrying out a rebuild your self.

You'll find all the parts you would need here, just select your model below


Genuine Honda Complete Gearbox

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its all in the details

After Market Upgrades

We have a wide range of products avalible designed to improve your gear shifting.

Upgrading the drivetrain on a Civic Type R can provide several benefits from improved acceleration, increased power transfer, and enhanced overall performance. Upgrading the transmission, clutch, and differential can also lead to smoother and more precise shifting, better control in the corners, and reduced wheel spin.

Additionally, upgrading the drivetrain can also improve fuel economy and extend the lifespan of other vital components. Below you’ll find anything from gear knobs, bushings, synchros and clutches up to complete sequential gearbox, along with everything else you’ll need to upgrade, repair or maintain your drivetrain.

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