Civic Type R FL5

Civic Type R FL5

The FL5 Type R is quite possibly the last entirely internal combustion engine powered Civic Type R which makes it infinitely more special - some suspect this is why it came with such a huge price tag from new.

Driving the FL5 in standard form is an experience in itself, you can tell that the car is a natural progression from the FK8 - more refined and somehow even sharper than it's predecessor which was already a scalpel down the B-roads. Our FL5 Type R takes things even further, equipped with coilovers from Nitron who, if you don't know, supply suspension components for some of the most prestigious motorsport series' across the globe. We've also fitted the car with 380mm front discs and 6-piston AP Racing calipers, providing exceptional braking.

Under the hood we're currently making the most from one of Eventuri's carbon fibre intake systems. To get air out of the engine as quickly as it comes in, a 3" Milltek Sport Valved Exhaust system is in place which also provides a phenomenal sound track.


Product Development

It's an odd feeling picking up a brand new car from the dealership knowing that for the next 4-6 months you won't see it... as soon as we picked up our FL5, it was detailed, PPF'd and sent off on a development plan around the UK, again follwing suit from our FK2 & FK8 visiting some of the top brands in the UK.

Our FL5 has acted as a crucial part of development for many high-end companies, acting as a test vehicle for the likes of Nitron Suspension, Eventuri, Hybrid Racing and Hondata.


Channelling our inner Spirit-R

When we first saw the FL5, it was clear that Honda were levelling up their game - the design and quality of the interior as well as the more mature exterior styling inspired us to do the same.

Around the time of the unveiling, we had been working on bringing our own line wheel to the market, aimed specifically at the FK2, FK8 and the then future FL5.

Using the design language used to create FL5 helped us to design a wheel that not only looks great across all 3 generations, but is inspired by Honda's OEM parts. For example the smooth transition between the inner barrel and the outer lip takes design cues from Honda's aero-dynamic approach to the FL5's wheel design.


Thoroughly Track Tested

Our FL5 has spent a fair amount of time in it's second home - the track. During 2023 we've visited Donnington, Nürburgring Nordschleife and Goodwood, sometimes being driven by some potent drivers too!

During our 2023 Nürburgring trip, we handed the keys over to Misha Charoudin, someone who drives the track countless times per year in a huge range of vehicles. He was able to provide invaluable feedback about the car, as well as push it to it's far limits - highlighting which areas we needed to develop upgrades for.