Dream FK8 Racecar

A slice of Honda history!

When the Honda UK Manufacturing Swindon factory closed it's doors for the final time in 2021 and we saw this car at auction, we know that we had to own a slice of Honda UK's history. Synchro Motorsport was Honda UK's factory race team, made up of associate volunteers from the Swindon plant. Over the years, the team were able to take factory fresh cars straight off of the production line and into their own workshop to be transformed into dedicated track and race cars.

Under the ownership of Synchro Motorsport, the car travelled to tracks across Europe, competing in the 24H Series and taking home a number of trophies.

The vehicle travelled throughout Europe to compete at tracks such as Spa and Barcelona.


Time to turn things up a notch...

In March of 2018, the Synchro Motorsports FK8 was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The car used 80% original parts to prove the resilience and capabilities of the road going FK8 Civic Type R.

After Honda UK Swindon closed it's doors for the last time, we bought the car via auction - in October 2021 we picked the car up as well as hundreds of spare fixings, body panels and other mechanical parts.

Under our ownership we have given the car a new lease of life. It is fitted with a fully built engine, wide-body kit, aggressive aero and a fresh livery. The car made it's debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022.

History of Dream x Synchro Motorsport

Prior to us buying Synchro Motorsports' FK8, we had built a strong relationship with the Honda UK back team during the 2019 UK Time Attack season. Throughout the season we shared a pit garages with Synchro Motorsports' Clubman spec car and had a great chemistry, extending a helping hand out to each other wherever possible.

During the last round at Snetterton we encountered some gearbox issues, stripping the teeth of 4th gear. The incredible team from Synchro Motorsport jumped in to help our pit-crew rebuild the box and we were back out on track in within 2 hours!