HEL Performance Oil Cooler Kit | Honda Civic Type R | FK2 2.0T K20C1 | 2015-2016

Preço normal £429.95 GBP

We've built this kit around the excellent Setrab Pro Series 6 oil cooler which includes everything you need to fit it to your vehicle using the brackets provided. We recommend using this kit for track use.

We've included a sandwich plate with a built-in thermostat so the oil will bypass the cooler until it reaches 80°C. This stops the oil from getting too cold for safe road use. When the oil reaches 80°C, the thermostat will allow the oil to pass through the cooler.

We have bundled in two meters of stainless steel braided hose, which will be enough for all standard setups. If you are looking to move the oil filter, you will probably need extra hose.

19 + Row Recommended

Oil Cooler Specifications
Row Matrix Length Width Height
13 Row 235mm 330mm 50mm 99mm
16 Row 235mm 330mm 50mm 122mm
19 Row 235mm 330mm 50mm 146mm
25 Row 235mm 330mm 50mm 193mm

Lead time: 1 week