VENTURE Big Throttle Body


The Spoon throttle body is a reworked, brand new OEM Honda unit that has been taper bored and fitted with a large diameter butterfly.  
The diamond cutting method used results in a mirror like surface finish internally which reduces resistance. During the cutting process the geometry of the body is changed to benefit from the venuri effect.
Engine and throttle response are improved, as is mid and upper rpm power. A 4-6hp improvement can be expected in the mid-rpm range.
The Spoon throttle body is a complete replacement unit and includes all necessary sensors.
To make the most of the venture effect and the increased air flow it is recommended that the inlet to the intake manifold is also enlarged. Potentially this will dramatically improve the potential horse power gains. Should you require this work to be carried out, please contact us as we can arrange for it to be done in our Race Engineering Workshop
Chassis number: AP1-100 
65 mm (STD 62mm): diameter: 70mm (STD 67mm) diameter butterfly 
Suitable for S2000 AP1 MY04 - MY09 and all AP2
Fits all facelift AP1 and all AP2 S2000 - Vehicles with DBW throttle body.
Comes with replacementment gasket.

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