Spoon Sports N1 Exhaust System | Honda Civic Type R | FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2017+


Although it is CIVIC TYPE R (FK 8) which exhibits the maximum output 320 ps and the maximum torque 400 Nm even in normal, it aims to improve the output in the whole area without impairing the high-torque, high-response engine performance in the low to middle revolution range which is also its characteristic , I have repeated a number of exhaust tests.

The main pipe uses SUS 304 material 70, and the tail adopts the 70 finisher for 145 shell type dual silencer which can be said as a symbol of SPOON N1 muffler. By eliminating any throttling of each flange connecting part and making it a straight structure, it has improved exhaust efficiency to the limit, and realized fine N1 sound.

SPOON has been promoting the development of ECU in parallel with the development of exhaust, but in order to further increase the output and torque with the ECU tune such as boost up, it is essential to change from the front pipe, the front pipe of pipe diameter 7 0 As a set.

Remarks & special note


QR certification acquired. Conformity standard compliance

Proximity Exhaust Noise: 91 db

Acceleration Running Noise: 78 db

Muffler Weight 20.5 kg (Std 22.5 kg)

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