Saenz Performance Type S 4340 Forged Connecting Rods & ARP Bolt Set | Honda Civic Type R | FK2/FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2015+

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Bolt Option: ARP 2000


Saenz 4340 forged connecting rods & ARP bolt set designed to perfectly complement the Honda K20C1 turbocharged engine. Saenz connecting rods are forged, machined with the latest in CNC technology and submitted to exhaustive quality control procedures during the production process.

What differentiates Saenz from the rest, is the fact that they can manufacture the exact design to suit the engine. In other words, it is like a made-to-measure suit!

Since the early '70's Saenz has manufactured connecting rods that have won more than one hundred championships worldwide including two World Rally and one Formula 1 Boat... With more than 50 years of experience and 30 in motorsports. 

Saenz connecting rods are forged and heat treated. Polishing, shot peening and roto (REM) finishing are then used to eliminate any machining marks as well as to compact the surface of the rods. The connecting rods are then balanced to within +/- 1g

Connecting rod bushes are made from C630 bronze-aluminium alloy. The bush seats are bored, honed and polished before the bush is fitted with interference. This means that bush OD is typically, 003” to 006” bigger than the rod hole. Once installed, the bushes are rolled burnished to push the bronze towards the seat surface and also to increase bronze hardness. The bush is then bored to pin size taking the big end bore as a reference. Maximum allowed misalignment in 4” length is .0004”. Pin clearance is then given by honing.

Saenz has been partnered with ARP for more than 30 years!

Series S - Series
Metal Type SAE 4340
Set of 4
Rated HP 500
Stock Bolt Type* ARP 2000
Bolt Size 3/8"
CTC Measurement 143.76 mm
Pin End Thickness 19.81 mm
Big End Thickness 19.81 mm
Big End Bore 51.00 mm
Pin End Bore 21.98 mm



  • Custom SAE 4340 steel alloy K20C1 connecting rods
  • C630 bronze-aluminium alloy connecting rod bushes
  • USA sourced materials with aeronautics and special regulations certificates
  • Able to handle up to 500HP


  • Four (4) forged connecting rods & eight (8)


  • Honda Civic Type R | FK2/FK8 2.0T K20C1 | 2015+


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    Bolt Option: ARP 2000

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