J's Racing Dope Fuel Additive | Honda

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Introducing a completely new gasoline fuel additive that has never been seen before !

Unlike fuel additives that are generally distributed, it is a product with high immediate effect that does not affect the fuel components.

Harmful unburned gas (CO, HC, Nox) generated from any engine is brought close to complete combustion in the combustion chamber.

As a result of repeating rigorous driving tests on racing cars and tuning cars, there is no effect on each cooling system and there is no damage to the engine.

In addition, carbon deposits are removed, and complete combustion of unburned gas improves not only power and torque, but also fuel efficiency.

Experience next-generation technology.


  • 200ML per Bottle
  • Add 200ml to 40-60ℓ of gasoline
  • Be sure to shake well before use and then inject from the refueling port before refueling gasoline


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