Dream Automotive

Dream Automotive: Leading the UK with performance technology where DREAMS are tuned to reality
Based in Luton, Bedfordshire Dream Automotive are at the forefront of developing useable power modifications and upgrades for the all new FK2 and other Honda models. Owner Phil Crafford with over 15 years experience on Honda Products has built a business on putting the customer first by helping them achieve the performance and power upgrades they want on their Honda powered cars.
At Dream we can offer basic servicing through to full Race Preparation with specialist bespoke one off projects regularly undertaken. This can be anything from putting a EP3 engine into an old skool mini through to a full engine change on a ZF1.  Dream are also sponsors of the UK national race series VTEC Challenge and their test FK2 is the official safety car for this series.
The service offerings available at Dream Automotive:
  • Servicing & MOT
  • Full Engine & Gearbox Rebuilds 
  • Race Preparation
  • Specialist Project Builds
  • Electrical/Electronic Diagnostics
  • Remaps & Tuning
  • 3D Wheel Alignment
  • Corner Weighting
  • Bespoke Product Manufacturing Available Through Our Webshop
  • Tyre & Wheel Fitting