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    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 14th April '24

    Dream Weekly Refresh: Sunday 14th April '24

    Welcome back to another instalment of Dream Weekly Refresh - we've added a huge wave of new products to the website this week, as well as having a very busy workshop! Let's jump right in and check out some hot new parts 🔥


    Motul Oils - FK2/FK8/FL5

    Never under-estimate the important of having the right oil in your car! We're incredibly happy to now be offering a lineup of Motul oils that we have hand picked for a variety of use cases.

    8100 ECO-lite 0w20 comes in as a good alternative to Honda's own 0w20 oil. We recommend that this oil be used on only standard vehicles - modified/tuned vehicles should use a higher performance oil.

    8100 X-cess 5w40 comes in with a slightly higher viscosity and is perfect for lightly modified/tuned vehicles for fast road use.

    8100 POWER raises the viscosity once again and is perfect for all modified/tuned vehicles used for fast road/occasional track applications.

    At the top end, we have Motul's famed 300V oil - this oil is designed for track cars that will be trailered to and from the circuit. It should be used on highly modified/tuned vehicles for track use ONLY.

    If you are unsure where your application falls, get in contact and we will be more than happy to advise!


    Garmin Catalyst

    When we first got our hands on a Garmin Catalyst, our jaws hit the floor. This small tablet will, believe it or not, make you a considerably faster track driver, providing invaluable data and much more.

    Designed for drivers of all levels, whether you're taking part in your first track day or are a seasoned pro competing in a national series, this industry-first “virtual coach” mounts in your cockpit, gathers performance data, gives real-time audible cues and offers immediate session analysis to show you how to become the quickest driver on track.

    Features include:

    • What’s my line? The true track positioning™ feature shows your racing line on the track.
    • Talk to me, coach. Get real-time audio cues from your headset #2 or car stereo.
    • Garmin Catalyst tracks and compares to show if you’re ahead or behind previous lap time.
    • True optimal lap technology factors all performance data to show your best drivable time.
    • Make headway. Immediate data and adaptive suggestions show key areas for improvement.
    • After your session, instantly review your session stats on the 7-inch touchscreen. No computer needed.



    Borla Exhaust System - FL5 Type R

    Renowned in the world of American muscle, Borla Performance now, surprisingly, present an exhaust system for the FL5 Civic Type R!

    The Borla R&D crew is excited to show off what they've created for the FL5 Honda Civic Type R. Our Cat-Back system was engineered and designed especially for the K20C1 engine. Borla's ATAK sound level delivers an aggressive, head-turning sound with a claimed ZERO drone in the cabin.

    This exhaust system features an independent valve allowing you to change between different exhaust modes, similar to the stock exhaust system. The tip finishes are available in polished, ceramic black, and carbon fibre.


    Dream x Eibach FK2 Lowering Springs

    The owner of this stunning FK2 Type R joined us this week to have a set of Dream x Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs fitted - not only do our springs provide a huge upgrade to the visuals of the car but they also provide a dramatic improvement to handling!

    The kit lowers the car 20mm whilst maintaining the same spring rate as standard, maintaining R+ mode functionality and allowing you to benefit from improved aesthetics and a handling boost from a lower centre of gravity; all without compromising the comfort that comes with OEM springs!

    As always with suspension changes, the car was also put onto our 4-corner laser aligner machine to make sure it drove as sharp as it looked!


    FK8 Upgrade Bundle!

    This FK8 Type R joined us this week for a bundle of upgrades including a J's Racing FRP Front Grille, helping the car to breathe that bit better, a Radium Dual Catch Can kit and a Hasport Rear Lower Engine mount! It's safe to say that this car left us looking, feeling and performing noticeably better than when it came in!



    FL5 Lowering Springs & Maintenance!

    To draw the week to a close, we welcomed back this Rallye Red FL5 Civic Type R for a set of Spoon Sports Progressive Lowering Springs, new rear brake pads, fresh engine oil and fresh gearbox oil. The car also had a full alignment to ensure that it was driving perfectly!




    Thank you for joining us for another week of Dream Weekly Refresh! 🙌 To receive a much more interactive version of this email, enter your email below and keep an eye on your inbox each Sunday!



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